Motorola C115

Motorola C115

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  • Anonymous
  • s5s
  • 12 Feb 2016

I have had a new one of these phones put away for a few years, have decided to give it to my daughter as her first phone. Im wondering if it uses the 2g network which is closing down soon?

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    • phoneman
    • yAS
    • 20 Jan 2016

    Ilack Time, 04 Aug 2015I've been a 'satisfied user' of the C115 for eight years. H... moreHad similar problem with my phone. I was difficult to turn on and off as there was a problem with the contact under the keypad.

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      • AnonD-440390
      • U2%
      • 13 Sep 2015

      Have you fixed your problem? If you have , then can you please tell me how.
      My first phone was the Motorola C115, when I was 6.
      I found the phone and the charger in my drawer a few nights back.
      When I plugged in the charger, it charges but I am unable to turn it on.
      Please let me know if you have any thoughts that could help me!

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        • Ilack Time
        • nxr
        • 04 Aug 2015

        I've been a 'satisfied user' of the C115 for eight years. However just recently the 'power on/off' button fails to activate the phone after the phone has been powered off overnight. Once I get it powered on the on/off button functions perfectly. Has another C115 user experienced this problem and does anyone have a cure for this problem. I do realise that I can keep the C115 'on' all the time but I prefer to have it switched 'off' when I know I'm not going to use it.

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          • Sukumar Halder
          • KAe
          • 27 Jul 2015

          Anonymous, 08 Jun 2014I am using this phone till now... Best phone ever...This set is very good and I have lost before it & want it again. No problem while I used for 3 year.

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            • Nick Name
            • 5H7
            • 26 Jun 2015

            Bought mine in 2007. Still going strong with original battery. Thing just won't die!

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              • Atonap
              • 9Am
              • 16 Apr 2015

              Bought this phone on the 15th April 2005 ten years later & a couple of not so smart phones still have it HAPPY 10th Birthday C115! :-)

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                • Gothnanne
                • 9LA
                • 24 Feb 2015

                My first phone at the age of 13, now I am 22 and I still remember this phone as best one I ever had.

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                  • Ankit pachauri
                  • Y}K
                  • 25 Jan 2015

                  My first Diwali gift by my Father.....
                  this mobile lucy for me

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                    • Anonymous
                    • U2d
                    • 22 Jan 2015

                    iqbal, 10 May 2014Dude please let me know where can I get this phone. online purchase

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                      • siva sms
                      • U2d
                      • 22 Jan 2015

                      my beast... really i did't get a single problem with this.. my best

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                        • shawn
                        • PGx
                        • 11 Jan 2015

                        My first phone also. Remembering my golden time.

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                          • Eddy
                          • tue
                          • 31 Dec 2014

                          I really miss u,where have u been??
                          my 1st phone,without problem

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                            • AnonD-337372
                            • tT$
                            • 02 Dec 2014

                            This was my first phone, This was one of the great phone.

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                              • dipto
                              • uI2
                              • 02 Dec 2014

                              It was my 2nd set, but 1 hijacker took that from me... it was a very strong mobile set!!

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                                • phillipdanigga
                                • LE{
                                • 20 Nov 2014

                                Carlitos Tevez, 26 Jan 2011is very dificult to usehow?? for me it was very easy to use and it was one of the greatest phone ever.

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                                  • Lover
                                  • LC8
                                  • 12 Nov 2014

                                  My first phone.. it was great to have a phone like that!

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                                    • Dd86
                                    • t1$
                                    • 04 Nov 2014

                                    My first cell phone:) ..missed it:(

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • nc3
                                      • 15 Oct 2014

                                      Using it almost ten years now without problems!

                                        • k
                                        • kittu
                                        • GgL
                                        • 25 Jun 2014

                                        this is good for rough and tough mobile user