Motorola C115

Motorola C115

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  • Shana

i just bought the c115 n i think its a pretty good little phone to have coz it wont break easily n i think its really light n good

  • Alfred K Melbourne

The C115 is very good value in Australia for A$9 from Vodafone (A$39 for prepaid, unlocked phone with A$30 call credits). It is small, basic, but works well. Some earlier posts complained about the loud dingle heard when the phone is turned on or off. This sound comes out of the charger socket, so you can limit this by holding a finger over the base of the phone.

  • cyful

This phone for people just wanna call and send message. Forget about download ringtones, thats make you confused.


Great batery life, great phone for calling and messaging only.PS.I have motorola e398

  • michael

this is the best fone in the world.(ps. i have this fone).

  • Abhinav

hi can any1 mail me
How to download a ring tone to C115?
mail me at

  • Gabita

I like them!

  • oki

Message text entry do not allow all letters could be CAPITAL, if you want so you MUST push the designated two buttons AFTER EACH LETTER TYPED! Menu also does not provide an option for message delivery report, if you want to receive the report you MUST type (*0# ) without parantheses of course, just before EACH MESSAGE YOU TYPE (such delivery reports are not charged by the oprators). In the year 2004 such small telephone without those properties did not satisfied me but the very useful options are aoutomatic turn of/off sub-menu and provided alarm choices are good so. The small and funny design plus the light weight are also the things which make this phone NOT BAD! Contact for any details!

  • harish

hi its is a good cell but how to compose &download the ring tones help me out man ?

  • shabeer

the phone is good and handy ,i also have the same phone,i will be glad if i can get ringtones for my phone.I am searching tones for this for months.thankyou .

  • dfm

You want ring tones? theic dis web (aici gasiti ce va trebuie suces) Motorola C115 is 50% operation mobile, send me yor opinions

  • dean

Awsome phone but would like some ringtones

  • Eully

can any1 be so gentle of telling me how the hell can I get any ringtone for my motorola c115?!? thnx!

  • Emiliano

the only bad thng of motorola c115 is tha there are no ringtones :'(

  • florah

nyce phone but pliiz help mi in composing my own tones.otheiwise c115 is a good one.

  • K.Senthil

this mobile is very nice. I can brought one Motorolla C115 in chennai for my friend birthday presentation.My friend told this set is very nice.

  • Cantsleep

For people screaming out for a new phone from the golden age of mobiles (about 4 years ago) when phones were phones and not cameras/life managers. $39 outright in Oz too means it's DISPOSABLE!

  • Thio

c115 it's just 1. dualband not triband. 2.there is no phone memory. 3.there is no delivery reports for the sms. it's sucks phone.pls do not give the wrong info.tx.

  • Mayuresh

hi all, i have this cute phone Motorola c115. can any1 tell me how to compose the tunes on it. what should I do to switch to tap from Itap....Is it necessory to change to compose ring tones ?

  • sanjeeb nayak

c115 is really nice but ringtones quality are so poor.