Motorola C200

Motorola C200

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  • jayakumar c r

i own one motorola c200,it contains all the features that a basis user needs at an affordable price unlike nokia and other brands

  • Mark

Hi my name is mark, from hong kong and also i want to bay a c201 Fob hong kong and can you please tell me price for 2,000 pcs , and what is the price for c201 Please mail me soon.Thanks my hong kong mobile number is 852-62016005

  • Wong C.T.

...the level of quality of the phone is okay seldom have proble wit it.

  • Wong C.T.

This Phone made in taiwan, Assemble & packed in Singapore

  • jeena

im using the c200 model.Its portable and soft to carry around.I would like to download some ringtones.

  • Ashfaq

How can i download Hindi ringtones.

  • zoe

i just got one and they are great but what do i go to to get melodies?

  • danielle

i think that they are da bomb!! i just brought one for christmas and its cute as :)

  • kinuthia raphael

c200 is ok but the kenyan vvarsion most are difectif'

  • Madhavi

The only disadvantage is that the ringtones cannot be downloaded yet. Has any one figured how?

  • Gina Ong

Why I can view the pictures messages
in Motorola C200 and can't download ringtones too. Why ??

  • Tina

i love this phone but where do we find ringtones for it

  • ricky

the c200 is 1 of da best phones out it kickz butt the reception is perfect and anyone out there who owns a c200 should be proud of it
by the way if u r interested in beyblades i am the beyblade master and i have come to take ur bitbeasts thank you!!!

  • kanti

how to download ringtones

  • Venu Madhav Dasari

Hi I want to download ring tones how its possible

  • Angie

I bought two c200's, which are great, but I don't have a users manual in English (I bought them in HK). I was told i could find the manual on-line, but I've had no luck.

I want to program ringtones, but can't figure out how!!

Thanks for your help!

  • santosh j

how to download ringtones.this was not done in pune.

  • Abhijit Bhattacharya

The basic budget phone is bundled with features, I am using this for a couple of week and experienced that there are no limitation in this particular model in comparison to the high-end and highly priced items, it's really a utility phone.