Motorola C250

Motorola C250

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  • Anonymous

This phone is a TIMEBOMB for sure!

  • Seth

The phone is tough! I've had mine for about 3 years and I'm hard on it. I like it, but it's getting pretty outdated.

  • Anonymous

i hate this phone it's very ugly

  • Kris Weyn

My second mobile phone (first was a D520). Still have it and still use it as a backup. Much better for tapping (text messages) than the L6 which I currently use. In short, only good comments and praise !


i love this phone!!! everyone please buy it!!! it is extremely good!!! better than the nokia n73 or even the sony erricsson w950i!!!

  • Anonymous

i bought this mobile phone because of its is beautiful and it also works ok!

  • Anonymous

It's an amazing phone. Mine's two years old and get's better reception than any other phone I've run across...hands down! I even had a 6 hour phone call on it with one charge...that's a 2 year old battery!

  • mazda

Motorola c250 is a good cellphone!!!

  • nightcat

I really like this phone I had it for one year and I am satisfied with what it knows.My opinion is that C250 is a good choice!

  • Darian

Motorola C250 is a good one. I like Motorola C250.It is a smart phone and has a lot of special abilitis.

  • Tudor

My comp. seez my phone as a C350.
I can not upload anything on it.
Plz tell me what program to use and where can I find the drivers for it. Tks Motorola fans :))

  • Robbie

generally the phone is versatile but the problem is firstly I cannot find faceplates for the way I would like to know whether the faceplate of a C350 motorola can fit into the C250 one.Finally I wonder how to download the software for it.hope to get a quick response.

  • Jonae

The phone is great but i need drivers for winxp. plz send them to me if anyone have them. 10x

  • Mustafa

Anyone know where i can find a driver ? if someone know please email me or send'it to me .Thanks

  • KEviN dEeds

Were can i get faceplates for my motorola C250?

  • Brandi

Does anyone know where to get free ringtones for this phone??

  • Cristi

Plese tell me where can I find drivers..

  • Tasha

I like the phone and all, but I can't ever find ringtones for it.

  • stephanie

where can you buy replacement faceplates for the motorola c250?


please help me to find were to download
the user's manual in english as I bought
my phone in Greece with manual in Greek only. Many thks./Regards