Motorola C250

Motorola C250

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  • ZnaKe

I bought one and its kinda kool... but a very original Moto .. :( u know how that is ... but its kool .

  • Budik

Find motorola c250 drivers. Help me!!!

  • Nikola Keskinov

My c250 has USB slot, but in the manual the slot is not mentioned. When I connected it with the computer, it recognized it as a c350. Now, can I use it as a c350 or not?

  • rapheal adewale

Pl.can motorola c250 and c322 work in nigeria, acountry in west africa.I mean can it work with our service provider here.

  • c205

my phone is asking security code and code what do i do

  • Anonymous

This phone has not worked right since I got it. Centennial Wireless has screwed me around for 2 months, would not suggest anyone purchase it.

  • Megan

If anyone is wondering there is stuff coming out for the phone soon!

  • Carrie

how do i download my free 32 ringtones?

  • Billy Thomas II

I love the phone but there are no covers for it at all!!!

  • Justin Heikkila

Yea i got my phone last week and i have been looking all over but i have yet to find any accessories. If there any out or if planing on puting some out please let me know.

  • ratamahata

this phone is the worst thing that ever happend. a big pile of crap.

  • 14

It's the best fone i have ever seen.