Motorola C350

Motorola C350

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  • shanu

i had C350 color display , i love this phn and my first phone

  • Anonymous

This phone is a legend. However, C550 has much prettier design.

  • Funky D

My first phone... I had it for almost 4 years, it's still working...!

  • AnonD-524951

My 1st phone. Bought in 2004. It had interesting animated screensavers

  • Anonymous

This was my first phone ... Look-wise It was ahead of time ...!

However it was similar to heavy black phone as No camera / No music / No game ... nothing extra...! I paid Rs. 7500/- for this ..!

Sachin Kothari

  • S khatri

My first phone but I did not impress with this phone

  • nakka

Motorola c333 verizon wireles lock code?

  • Lumia of Sicily

Still my main phone, fits perfectly in my pocket LOL

  • Immi

This was my first phone & there's lot of memories with this phone.
Great phone.

  • M.Omer

In the world of mobiles i made my colour debut with motorola c350 which was given to me by my brother as a gift.

  • akb1

it was my first mobile phone. i really like to play snood21 in the past. miss it

  • alexrobles550

wow it brings back so many memories, i miss it... very good phone!

  • sainshajahan

this is the my first mobilr phone really i love this one,from this i love motorola

  • Alice

I got this phone as a second-hand device in 2005 and it was my first ever mobile phone, I loved it so much! But the battery was really crap. Whenever I hear motorola ring tones I miss my lovely silver brick!

  • Roi

Got this phone when I was on 2nd year Highschool and I love this so much!!!

  • Louise

I used to have this. At the time, having a colour screen and polyphonic ringtones was quite impressive.

It was dinky and I had no issues with it, apart from one major problem: the ringtone was MUCH too quiet. Used to miss calls ALL the time!

  • Tano

my ist moto, my ist moto-love. i'm using my 4th moto set. but i still love it. i dnt know is it woarking or not! as
i gave it to my ist gf.
but i am still miss that set.

  • Sahil...

The phone used by my first girl friend...I had many girls since then but still miss you and your products,..

  • CFP

When i was a kid, a friend of mine had this phone. It had a tune called "Electron". I loved it and could no find it since. Can somebody send it to me. I'll be greatful.

  • Jaromir

Good phone, but very weak sound.