Motorola C975

Motorola C975

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  • Manz

people,DONT buy the usb cable for dis fone JUST buy a transflash card, I kno a great website where u can get a 128 mb for just 12.50 the website is its the best, for more info email me.

  • kayode

hi all,
i m a new user of c975 with the usb cable but i dont ve the software i would appreciate it if someone could send it across i love this phone so much because of the features it offers with the 3g technology.

  • Anand

whats the maximum capacity of card for this mobile ? whats the quality of MP3 sound ? can i get dual stereo headset to listen mp3 ? i am going to get this phone in few days. plz reply soon

  • Qasim

hi all, i brought c975 also data cable & software, phone all things is installd but when i attached the data cable to phone, my cell phone going off, aur take charging battery.. plz tell me what can i do it, how can transfer data to my c975, thanks

  • Odey Austine

just got c975 and it is great and pleasing having such a wonderful and easy to use phone but the problem am having is setting of dates and time. can some one help me out

  • farrukh

I m usin this phoen but the problem is that whenever i change my SIM all the sms and call records deletes every time is there any solution for that???....any ways the phone is great and easy to use...and any one who knows that from where i can download the software of PC suite for that reply me on

  • ridwan

just bought C975 but son't have any software / pc suite .. so anybody can tell me what can i download the software ??? help help ..

  • klayode

all i can say is the phone is exelence thanks


I am using similar phone c975 and my serious problem is the battery performance.
Stand by - up to 30 h
talk time 45 mins

  • Steven

Hey, i just got this phone 2day and ive been having some trouble with it, the sound isnt working... like i wanted to select a ringtone but before i select i usaly listen to it first. It gets to the play session but it does not play, i added some music that are MP3 and still no voice.. The volume is on maxium.. plz some1 help me, send me a email telling me wat should i do

  • sabit

i had this phone for a while until i switched with my brother all i can say it was a beautiful fat phone for people who need an easy to use phone!the menu was simple and great plus the camera and video was the best ive seen id say they should make this a rival of the 6230

  • Jamie

hi i am wondering whatto get this fone or the v975 .The v975 good points gd cam gd games mp3 but they boht have that but the v975 has got the looks that is what seprets them a part from 1st and 2nd im scaraping across to the v975

  • Femi

pls try and lets get the software to this phone

  • mayowa awodiya

any time i use the phone for a long time it gets hot although its having a verry good battry but the heat run it down fast.

  • tomma tantram

hey, i got this phone last week and it is pimpin, this phone is so unreal, although theres no bluetooth or infrared, which doesnt matter at all unless your to cheap and stingy to use mms, the camera is awesome, memory is good even without the memory card which came free that i lost, the graphics in games are really good, the video isnt to tip top but is good enough for a phone! seeings its not a digital camera the screen is really awesome, sound quality is no1 and im sure the phone would pass with flying flags to anyones tests! the 3 network arnt so great though, broadband recepetion is uselss and trying to make video calls is horrible because you have to be right in the city to do so! horrible.......the price was awsome and the accessories are good aswell ,dont worry about anything they say about the battery, it lasts a full day with no troubles , not as good as a nokia or sony battery but thats what chargers are for isnt it? mp3 quality is great and memory cards are cheap as chips!! Anything you wanna know bout this moto, email me

  • Fiador Edward

helo, i have the USB cable and connected to PC but i found it difficult to download games, music and pictures. please, tell me the steps. your fone is fantastic but incorporate some games before selling.

  • kings121

ok....well i have a c975 it is lacking a lot of advantages ya can not have a 3G phone without bluetooth and radio for its size.. so i would like ask those who know the e398 if they would put the c975 above it? i think the c975 was a waste

  • Lal Thomas

Hi ..I just got a Motorola C975 and it is a nice phone even without Blue tooth and Infrared. May I know the Data cable to be used with this phone to connect my PC. When I connect the Pc with the existing cable I have, Phone is going off and showing battery charging.Pls help me to rectify this fault and help me to use this nice phone effectively....Regards

  • Dj DeNiMz

hi i got a motorola c975 yesterday and i have been playig around on it non stop and from what i can obtain at this point is it is a verry good phone yes it has no bluetooth or ir but who really cares the camera is great with 4x zoom the torch is veery brite the speaker is execlent and has a lot of bass in it the screen altho its only 65k its crisp and clear the phone looks nice its cheap $149au on three prepayed (aus) the memory card i have with it at the moment is only 32 meg but i can still load 20 mp3s on it if i compres it in to wma 48k 22000khz
the only down side to the phone is i keep pressing the three net key instead of the hang up key but other from that its a great phone i think its great value for money come on $149 for a phone with 2 vga camera (640x480) with zoom! expandabal memory mp3 player movie player video recording its a great phone good battery life from what i can see.
i highly recomend it for some one who likes listing to mp3s or watching movies but if you really need bluetooth get a e1000 altho i havent used one if they are as good as this well then its a good phone also ill be doning areview on the 6680 soon because i am getting one soon but yeah in genral its a good phone with verry verry nice sound quality worth the money and with three
i found they are a good network here in melbourne australia yes the custmer servis isnt the best but hey no one is perfict and what three offor like the on the air downloading of all the stuff is good as verry usefull also if you need the program to transfer stuff to it using the cable e mail me on and ill send it to you any way have a nice day and i sugest if you dont have a lot of money and you want a nice phone on a decent network get this phone but if you want to spend more money and get a betta one get a se z800i or a nokia 6680 but all in all good phone