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  • Ravi

AnonD-23094, 21 Sep 2011guys can u use whatsapp in CHARM? Yes you can

  • NIK 88

AnonD-23094, 21 Sep 2011guys can u use whatsapp in CHARM? Whatsapp can be installed in Charm and many other HP. I installed in Charm. Milestone. BB and Samsung Galaxy.

  • AnonD-23094

guys can u use whatsapp in CHARM?

  • Jai

mobile is good. but i did nt find normal fm.. only internet fm is available. Any one find FM?

  • jai

Bob, 12 Aug 2011FM works great on mine.i dont find fm on my charm mobile. is really there fm other than internet fm....

  • Abhi

hey kiran what time the mobile gives battery backup ? ?

  • muna

Is there any way to store games in sd card?
and will motorola upgrade this phone ?

  • kiran

Pls pls can anyone tell me wht to do to increase its battery life
battery gets ruined too quickly

  • Abhi

pls some one say
"how many days it give the battery back up ??? "

  • dknewstrt

Abhee, 14 Sep 2011Hi all, I got this device for my wife from Flipkart... got it... moredid u get extended battery and back cover thru flipkart???

  • techshiv

Ashwani, 20 May 2011just got extended battery and back door cover for moto charm in ... morecongrats.may i know from which shop did you get the extended battery.give me the shop name and adrees if possible.also please let me know about the sound quality of the phone.thanks in advance.

  • Abhee

Hi all,

I got this device for my wife from Flipkart... got it for 7K only and looks like a excellent bargain... It has everything... (not top notch ofcourse).

Major drawback are:

1. Only around 100 data for installation of Android apps as it is on 2.1
2. Very dark camera... did not like much
3. cannot be upgraded either officially or unofficially...

  • Andy

i would like to know if i buy this handset from Flipcart ie from Online shopping Store...
it wont have any defects and it would the same as we get it from the normal store..
also this phoen is available for 7 grans on Flipcart so is it good to go for this phone in terms of feature...
can you please suggest

  • AnonD-8943

Hum iis phone se Skype Ya Gtalk use karke voice chat kar sakte hy kya ???

  • shalabh

Adamson, 08 Sep 2011Can anybody help me to locate the motorola store/office in riyad... moreits best phone u can buy thi phone from univercell store

  • Adamson

Can anybody help me to locate the motorola store/office in riyadh city? because i want to buy the motorola CHARM. pls reply!

  • manouj

hi I have 2 queries about the moto charm on 1.on my mobile in three of the touch buttons on the screen two only litting only home and back buttons no menu button is lightens when we unlock the screen or using the phone. 2. my sensor whn make a call the sensor is working when I try to checking this in idle condition by closing it with my hand but stays as it is the home screen showing at that time
please any one clarify me is that they were default or fault of mobile please

  • Ajay Singh

How we are set FM radio with RDS .When I start radio a lot of bands are open in different lunguages.I want set in Hindi FM redio

  • Ajay Singh

Mushi, 01 Sep 2011I am planin to buy charm, but an confused for its battery back u... moreyes for your uses purpose it is good. It have aprox min 4-to 5 hrs backup ( in 2G)

  • 9632

GUSET TR, 31 Aug 2011Hello, This phone Android 2.2 or 2.3 can be upgraded? Plase, If ... moreit is fully faltu. video quality is not good and os can not be upgraded