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  • Reticent

James, 17 Oct 2010Honestly, I've read FAR to many complaints about this phone and ... moreWell said, i share your sentiments a 100%. After all there can never be a fully perfect phone!

  • James

Honestly, I've read FAR to many complaints about this phone and they need to shut up. Bad-mouthing about the lack apps, or the poor quality of the screen. I come from a Virgin mobile TNT for god sakes, and this phone is a god sent.

NOT that I can't afford the HTC's, iPhone 4, Samsung, etc. I...really...just don't need it. I check my mail, read blogs, connect with social media outlets, using GPS, and listen to music...DONE.

These days everyone is all about the hype. And needs EVERYTHING, but do you really...REALLY NEED IT? I plan on getting this phone, regardless of the negativity. It's small, ultra portable, and does ALL I will ever need. First time Android and smartphone user...I CAN'T WAIT!

  • future

ths phone is worth it

  • Gelasius

Looking forward to buying the Charm. Its the only low end Android smartphone utilising the Arm Cotex A8 chipset..ofcourse with fellow Moto low end Androids

  • click

Is this phone really worth it?...does it have any kinds of bugs?...does it freeze time to time?

  • butthole surfer

This phone is the worst peice of crap i have ever seen. I wouldnt even take this phone as a gift. It belongs in the trash. Motorola charm rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yeah baby

  • 100 Moto

Lucky, 26 Sep 2010you can buy it from T-Mobile without a Service plan and pout ur ... moreHow come last time I went to T-mobile and asked to purchase "handset only" (Cliq) and the salesperson said "the phone would still be locked"?

I had to take the phone to some place else to get it unlocked.

  • Chris

Can u read PDF files on it?


  • Anonymous

I got this phone 2 weeks ago I'm in love with , i was blackberry then changed to my touch, now have this one ill never change this phone .

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  • Anonymous

Guys if you really like the form factor of this phone but dont like the specification wait for the Motorola Venus that is coming out soon, do a search on google for motorola venus or the verizon roadmap leak. Its meant to have a 1GHz processor along with Android 2.2.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2010Mr. Motorola Fan! From which angle u find ugly..I am sure this p... moreyes
your right

  • riaan

anita, 25 Sep 2010What do you people think about the internet connection??? I hate... moreNo problems with internet or wi-fi at all.

  • Anonymous

Motorola fan, 28 Sep 2010The ugliest mobile phone everMr. Motorola Fan! From which angle u find ugly..I am sure this phone atleast looks beeter than u r face.

  • Motorola fan

The ugliest mobile phone ever

  • Anonymous

just tried to order it from amazon to my address in dubai and dying to get this phone as it is a qwerty with android great combination. unfortunately amazon says it cannot ship to dubai. Can anyone please help me by telling me where i can call to order this phone.


  • foodhigh

Why didn't moto make the screen 480*360 or higher... Or the phone will be great so much so sad : (

  • Lucky

Gelasius, 22 Jul 2010I really like the wide candybar form factor with a physical Qwer... moreThis is the phone of my dreams! It is JUST like the Motorola Backflip, but MUCH better! It's a Bar Phone with a QWERTY keyboard and it is touchscreen. MUCH better than having to flip open ur phone to be able to type or having to worry about typing the wrong thing while using the touchscreen keypad! I Love It! ^_^

  • Lucky

Anonymous, 20 Sep 2010Hi, Is this phone for T-Mobile? Where can I find unlocked version?you can buy it from T-Mobile without a Service plan and pout ur sim card from AT&T in it. T-Mobile is just a sub-company of AT&T. You can order the phone from Amazon for $300 without a service plan. I just did that. It currently has free 2 Day Shipping. ^_^

  • Love

[deleted post]This Phone is very good u need to go with good operator .