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  • X0P
  • 18 Feb 2013

am using this phone its very poor networ strength for using many time I have no tower signal in my phone.always have this problem in my to solve this

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    • ram
    • up7
    • 27 Jan 2013

    at this price all of function running very good but battery very very very poor

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      • Sari
      • KAv
      • 18 Jan 2013

      my phne's chargin gpoint isnt working, troubled a lot, does anybody has its customer care number??

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        • slexy
        • fmg
        • 17 Jan 2013

        the phone is portable for is very scarce in my country but then the battery isn't strong which is very bad

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          • Anonymous
          • vGe
          • 17 Jan 2013

          i love it ..they r user friendly n robust phones. it neva gave me problem till 2 years ..i broke it in an accident. only then i had to face problem.
          plz make motorola more popularly used in india .. only problem is to find its service centres bad .its even difficult to find its spare parts .

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            • AnonD-98507
            • YQP
            • 08 Jan 2013

            any one help me for custom rom

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              • ndie
              • 6%0
              • 06 Jan 2013

              @prez....try to replace your battery.....its a sweet little phone I guess.....

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                • Rodolfo Candido
                • 8K@
                • 29 Dec 2012

                The clock of Charm is 720 Mhz,no 600 Mhz.If you use an Overclock App,like SetCPU,they show a 720 Mhz

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                  • AnonD-84298
                  • fnT
                  • 17 Dec 2012

                  please i have when using my phone anytime i receive or do call from my phone the screen goes off and i have tried any possible means but it does not avail,please i need your help

                    • y
                    • yats
                    • fCD
                    • 10 Dec 2012

                    im using this more than a year is cool phone for teens. it has a nice keyboard.runs smoothly and its charming as its name says. its backtrack is the speciality of this phone. the only thing that is not nice is its video recording else the phone is a must buy than any other andi.

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                      • Mike
                      • YTc
                      • 06 Dec 2012

                      I have been using this phone since 18 month i liked the phone but not upto the mark....because there is no upgrade to this phone....i like the gorrila glass in this phone.
                      the touch sometimes doesen't work,
                      hangs a lot,
                      battery backup is too low,
                      First time i bought moto and they disappointed no more moto from my side....

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                        • brig
                        • fnT
                        • 01 Dec 2012

                        have being using motorola mb502 charm but anytime i do or receive any call my phone screen goes off please help me.

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                          • saif
                          • t}k
                          • 30 Nov 2012

                          is motorola charm custom rom android v2.2?

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                            • saif
                            • t}k
                            • 30 Nov 2012

                            is custom rom android v2.2?

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                              • saif
                              • t}k
                              • 30 Nov 2012

                              is custom rom android v2.2?

                                • R
                                • Ricky De Chaks
                                • fuu
                                • 19 Oct 2012

                                Harry, 17 Oct 2012from where i will buy this phone?Buy it at Amazon, they've got good deals and it's a great phone by the way.

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                                  • jelsav
                                  • JK}
                                  • 17 Oct 2012

                                  I am using this phone for over a year and I think that it's quite fine for such a decent price. It works great, without stopping. I have only two objections to this smart phone. There are no possibilities to upgrade to any newer version of Android and camera is very bad. Good thing is that keybord is perfect for those who like to type a lot of messages. Processor is OK for Android 2.1 I recommend this phone for users who didn't have experience with Android.

                                    • H
                                    • Harry
                                    • t@y
                                    • 17 Oct 2012

                                    fedric, 19 Sep 2012great product of moto from where i will buy this phone?

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                                      • fedric
                                      • Kht
                                      • 19 Sep 2012

                                      great product of moto

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                                        • wellwisher
                                        • cer
                                        • 18 Sep 2012

                                        Sid, 19 Jul 2012Hey guys! I just wanna know that the voting meter is showin... moreBetter not. you can gift the money for charity instead of wasting your money in this useless object (Which moto calls a phone)