Motorola Droid HD photos leak, 720p screen still not confirmed

17 August, 2011

Photos of another upcoming high-end Motorola smartphone leaked today. Dubbed Motorola Droid HD the monster of a smartphone is built around a 4.5" LCD and runs of the latest smartphone-tailored edition of Android - 2.3 Gingerbread.

The Motorola Droid HD also features an 8 megapixel main camera, capable of recording 1080p videos (so it's almost certainly powered by a dual-core CPU), and a front-facing snapper for those video-chats that you love so much.

Motorola Droid HD Motorola Droid HD Motorola Droid HD
Motorola Droid HD

There's also a microUSB port and an HDMI port on the ultra-slim body. Alas, we don't know yet if the Motorola Droid HD screen will really come with HD resolution (as in 1280 x 720 pixels), or if it settle for the qHD res (960 x 540 pixels) of the Motorola Atrix.

Now qHD would still give you a cool pixel density of 244 dpi, but HD will allow the Motorola Droid HD to match the 326 dpi of the iPhone 4 Retina display.

Motorola Droid HD Motorola Droid HD Motorola Droid HD
Motorola Droid HD

We'll be keeping you updated as more information on the Motorola Droid HD comes up.



Reader comments

  • marius

could samsung share their superamoled 720p with motorola? the blue tint looks exactly like my samsung wave...

  • fireball

finally a true pics oh the HD!!!! go motorola! u rule!!!!

  • D

with google & moto together i hope bootloader will be unlocked or give a chance to be unlock by our own will like htc policy