Motorola Droid Maxx 2

Motorola Droid Maxx 2

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  • Anonymous

Haha look at the specifications

"Sensors: yes"

  • Edem

Arshad, 24 Apr 2019I had maxx 2 device .my device is only zero imei de... moreMine showed the same thing
0 imei

  • Arshad

I had maxx 2 device .my device is only zero imei device had blocked by PTA


lap, 21 Oct 2017I agree I hate the maxx 2 am going to buy anothe ... moreI agree, sorriest phone I have ever seen

  • kn

my mobile not charging while power sign shows up...battery percent remains same after 24 hours of charging..bought it one month me plzz

  • Rivh

Lisa, 18 Feb 2018I hate my phone now. Messaging is a mess. It used to be sim... moreIn messages, go into settings and it's the first choice.

Also, I have disabled the Verizon messaging app, in settings -> apps, to keep it from trying to select a different messaging app.

Actually, I went through and disabled all the Verizon apps and other apps that are installed, that I didn't want to have continually updating and chewing up the internal storage.

Lastly, as a weekly cleanup, I go through the apps most used, storage and clear the cache, to free up internal storage.


I Does It all but the down part of my screen is not sensitive again.the spare parts are not in ghana.

  • Excelscior

I have had this phone for 2 years now. I bought my fiance a Galaxy Note 9. I was tempted on buying one for myself. But honestly, there is nothing wrong in my opinion about this phone. This phone does what you expect it to do. I now use my phone more often as a Hotspot. Camera photos are very good. The music that comes out of the phone is also very good in stereo, which is why I bought this phone! I have dropped my phone at least half a dozen times and my screen never cracked! I honestly feel I picked a awesome phone. Especially now 2 years after dealing with the usage of this phone! I paid around $650-$700 at the time at Best Buys.

  • Kellen

Saad, 07 Jul 2018Take a long time for changing......tell me it's okkkk.....??????Use The recommended charger to charge it and you will enjoy, its very good phone.

  • ahmed

Good phone....but the battery backup reduces with time..
you will have to charge it fully at night,,,,and after usage during the day...the battery will be empty at night again
Camera is good...flash is not very bright
the ringtone (on a full volume) as well as speaker does not exhibit high volumes
Good screen quality and pixels
I have seen many movies and dramas on this phone

  • Anonymous

It's got usb host function too

  • Saad

Take a long time for changing......tell me it's okkkk.....??????

  • Anonymous

AnonD-526739, 15 Apr 2016did maxx 2 quick charger support ???????????? Supports QC2

any one facing wifi frequent disconnection after nougat update

  • Lisa

I hate my phone now. Messaging is a mess. It used to be simple to switch from SMS to MISS. Now they look exactly the same! How do I fix this, or understand it?? Please help. Thank you.

  • kashif

i got nougat update today

  • Umer

Finally i got nougat update on my driod maxx2

  • Calvin

Worst phone I've ever had. I'm on the 4th one and now it's messing up. still owe $130 on the phone

  • slamminrc19

This was personally my first smartphone and i, of course, loved it. I have to say that my all time favorite thing was the quality of the pictures. But after having owned it for almost a year the battery life seemed to deplete dramatically. Also the mic completely stopped working unless i had the phone on speakerphone. Other than that i had no issues with the phone. Overall rate i give, a 7/10. Amazing first smartphone.

  • lap

Do not recommend, 06 Feb 2017I had the Droid RAZR Maxx, broke the screen, and decided to... moreI agree I hate the maxx 2 am going to buy anothe droid maxx