Motorola Droid Maxx 2

Motorola Droid Maxx 2

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  • lap

this phone has the worst battery life ever the droid maxx is alot better than this !

  • AnonD-16137

Most Probably your Network Issue

  • Anonymous

is this is the same devide, known as moto x play in india??

  • Anonymous

On my second Maxx2 , has the same problem as my first one. Goes mute on my calls, I can hear who I'm talking to, but they can't hear me. So I have to go and hit the return to call in progress button, and then I can hear them, until it happens again, which it does. Junk!,

  • AnonD-645454

nedo sha, 03 Feb 2017anybody tells me what is defence between moto x play and mo... moreNothing . Everything is same just name difference .and its really awesome phone the camera quality is like DSLR if you are using B612 camera app with some effects like venus in daylight, gaming peformance, speed etc and specially the battery timing is too good. .and display is also better than samsung and other brands even in sunlight . I'm very satisfied with this device

  • Anonymous

sultan, 27 Nov 2016Problem.....!downloading stops when screen off......even i ... moreIf it does it on Wi-Fi go into advanced settings there's setting that turns off wifi when screen is off, you might have that enabled.

  • Do not recommend

I had the Droid RAZR Maxx, broke the screen, and decided to upgrade to the Droid RAZR Maxx 2. Unfortunately, the number of problems this phone has given me has been very frustrating.
The swipe text rarely ever works properly, especially if you try to switch back and forth between swipe and regular texting. Although, regular text does work fine by itself as far as I can tell.
Can't do anything else while on a call, as you can't use any data until you hang up. The charge is unreliable; it's a hit or miss as to whether or not it will charge at all, but even when properly charged, it dies incredibly fast once it reaches about 30%.
MY phone stopped being able to read my SD card after a couple of months, so it would simply eject it immediately. Note: this may have been a bad SD card, and not necessarily the phone that's at fault.
I also got an otterbox, again, not sure if it's the phone or case that's the problem, but it doesn't quite line up or something, so my button to lower the volume doesn't work, I have to push the top button, then adjust the volume on the screen.
Overall, very displeased, and will be investing in another.

  • nedo sha

anybody tells me what is defence between moto x play and moto droid maxx 2 ?????

  • Rlg

This is the most annoying phone I've owned. I don't know if it's Verizon or Moto but after the last update, this phone is much slower, apps n downloads. It also put all my apps that I've stored on my SD card back to internal storage. You cannot move any apps to the SD card anymore. So now I get msgs about the lack of internal storage. I bought this phone cuz of the reviews n camera. The camera isn't as impressive as the reviews. I'll never buy a Moto ever again after this experience.

  • AnonD-631371

good phone great prize every thing good :)

  • sultan

Problem.....!downloading stops when screen off......even i have turned on all permissions,turned off battery optimization.why is this happening even background data is unchecked.!

  • Dont buy it

I'm on my 5th Droid Maxx 2 every single one they verify there's something wrong with the sound it's muffled there's a scratching sound and no one could hear you if you only text this phone is for you but if you actually talk to people on the phone it's hell Verizon will not let me switch out the phones until it's a recall so I'm ruined for 2 years I know two other people that have this terrible phone if you think it's anything like the Droid Maxx forget it this upgrade is nothing like the original Droid Maxx don't be fooled don't get it never deal with Motorola again they can't admit they got a bad phone

  • Sam

AnonD-217800, 12 Nov 2016tell me ppl plz, really has LTE Band 20 (800mhz) or not? ... moreNot sure about the LTE band, but it only has one speaker

  • AnonD-217800

tell me ppl plz, really has LTE Band 20 (800mhz) or not?

stereo (2) speakers or mono (1) ?


My m.card not showing

  • Anonymous

Best phone to use... I'm using it from 5 months!
Amazing camera, huge battery, bright display, loud speakers...
For rating 10/9

  • AnonD-531866

LeGrand, 22 Aug 2016Phone overheats. Battery unreliably charges. No data use du... moreNo Restart :
Does Nexus 6P have restart?? NO!! (Dont know whether it has in Nougat but in 6.0.1 it does not)
Moto is all about pure Android so they didnt mess with that

Hotspot issue:
Not the problem of the device. Its commen

Icon size is large because of Google Now Launcher (a.k.a PURE ANDROID). Just use another launcher.

Battery unreliably charges: I do not understand you meant

  • abass

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2016where can we find the SIM card slot for this phone? remove the volume key.

  • AnonD-545403

LeGrand, 22 Aug 2016Phone overheats. Battery unreliably charges. No data use du... moreIf your provider supports VoLTE - then enable it.
If not - any other phone without VoLTE will stop the data and switch to call.

  • AnonD-545403

Anonymous, 24 Aug 2016where can we find the SIM card slot for this phone? aliexpress - search for motorola x play sim card slot.