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  • dimitrisgr

why is everybody is upset with the battery life time? 1st charge 2 days is bad?after 10 charges this will become 3 days for sure...this phones has is all...mp3,1.3mp camera blablabla!!!and am not a motorola guy at a proof this is the first motorola i buy since i owned a startac!if u wont a phone with so many things on it,u can't have it with a battery that last for more then 3 days!thats just the way it is...!!

  • pradaloo

Why my E1000 don't hav GPS function? I can't find the setting as printed in the user manual. HELP ME!!
my email is

  • brynn

in the box on threepay there is nowt i can find on bluetooth.this is what it says ,,,you can sync with your comp and bluetooth headset.i linked it up by bluetooth with my 6630 and tranferred video files but some have a lock on them which wont transfer.when i got the2 devices linked for a few seconds on the e1000 it said something like "obex activated "or" on".All files therefore ive transferred are listed MP4 and you know by the lock symbol you cannot send the video.on my moto a835" send" was how to transferr vids by bluetooth this is now "move"on e1000.Beware if you press copy instead of move the vid goes to other device and is deleted on your device,only move transfers vid and keeps it on your device.thats all i know about bluetooth on e1000.had it 2 days 9/10 the 1 point being dropped for battery but its getting better,

  • alex ng

anyone which version of Bluetooth is e1000 using?

  • brynn

maybe if enough persons complain they might bring out a larger capacity battery or let a third party build one and let them approve it.i think it would sell like hot cakes.if you look at the battery cover it indents so making a bigger battery would bring it flush with the rest of the phone or extend out a little i could not care less and the extra few grammes is so little compared to battery life.oh why,why,whymoto give us a stressless day

  • Anonymous

wats a t-flash card? is it more expensive then mini sd card?

  • Gianpiero

OH!!! Sorry...

Thank U Moto, once more

  • Gianpiero

the e1000 supports 256m easy. I´ve eard of ppl using 512, but I dom´t know if it´s reliable
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  • Nuno Oliveira

Does anyone know what is the maximum capacity of the T-Flash card accepted by the Motorola E1000 mobile phone?

  • deyz

what about the yahoo messenger??

  • Anonymous

To Juozas

Your question is not clear enough, afraid no one can help u but u have to help yourself...
If only u experience and be the owner of this pphone, u will appreciate it's goodness...


  • Anonymous

Dear Gianpiero,

You dont have to download a program, but follow some steps at this webside...Pls Note that not all countries service providers will able to support this msn mobile service..
Happy trying... :>


  • Juozas

How much does it is alive(1 year or less). I think it shouldn`t stay alive long for this price and so much functions. Answer please, it could be that i will buy it.

  • Gianpiero

Thank you Moto!!
could you please tell me were to find the program to put messenger in my e1000 and how to install it?
sorry for trouble....

  • Matthew Stratford

Hi All is there any where that I can download msn messenger or load this software onto my motorola e1000
if u couls let me know thanks

  • Anonymous

Dear Mac,

So far I never encounter any problem regarding the shorter life time of long as u r a bit hard-working to charge your battery everynight or morning, u dont see this is a big problem...Sometime when u only see a bad points of a thing, u will never like it...Unless if it's really have more bad points than good one, then u shd know u still want it or not...
Cheers :>

Regards, Motoman

  • Moto

Dear Gianpiero,
As long as handphone which is supporting wap, it will be working with MSN messanger. E1000 is 3G phone, it definately have this ability...Cheers :>

  • Moto

Dear Eddie,

As El000's screen is TFT, 256K colors, but V600 is only 65K, so u can see who shd be clearer? It's absolutely clear...Cheer :>

  • Gianpiero

Hey everyone!!

Does anybody know if it´s possible to install msn messenger in this phone??


  • Eddie

Hi all, can anyone tell me something about the Lcd screen quality between motorola V600 and the E1000? Currently I am a user for the V600, the picture is very clear indoor and the outdoor. How about the E1000?