Motorola E1070 review: Chubby RAZR

David Polesný, 23 April 2006.

Landing runway for the thumb

If you open the phone in a dark room, it will probably be the keypad rather than the display that will catch your attention. The keypad is illuminated in sea-green. The light creates two circles limiting the main navigation key, and two lines dividing the columns of the keypad's numeric part. Keys legends are illuminated in a bit lighter nuance of the same color.

Motorola E1070
Thumb will hardly go wrong in the dark

The keypad is completely flat. It unites both the functional and the numeric keys. The surface of the keypad constitutes of a thin plastic plate with line parting each key. Keep in mind, however, that parting lines are not really pronounced, which makes touch orientation somewhat difficult. As expected, the keys are set in pretty low, but on the other hand, correct press is confirmed by a moderate click.

Motorola E1070 Motorola E1070 Motorola E1070 Motorola E1070 
Keypad is completely flat. Writing is seamless

The main control element in Motorola E1070 is the four-way navigation key and a confirming central area. Around it there are 7 functional keys - two context ones, a pair of green and red call keys, a correction C key, a web browser access key, and a key for making video calls (logically located above the green receiver button).

Typical Motorola UI

Motorola E1070's interface resembles any other Motorola phone interface, keeping on the tradition for several years now. Quite a pity, btw, as the menu structure of Motorola models has often been criticized. Motorola E1070 is no exception to that rule. First of all, let me start with its positive aspects, though. I mean its extensive customizing options.

Firstly, there is the possibility of placing any wallpaper (animated even) on the main display. Further on, you are given the option to decide what type of clock suits you best - an analog one, a digital one, or none. Operator's name and date can be centered or aligned either to the left or to the right. In the middle of the display you can place the icons of the functions that have been assigned to the four ways of the navigation key. Likewise, the context keys and the side Instant key can be assigned any function, likewise.

Various settings of the stand-by display

The style of the main menu is subject to modifications. It can be displayed either as a list, or as a 12-element matrix. You can also determine the order of the menu items. Unfortunately, the phone does not allow the use of number shortcuts for menu navigation. In general, feedback is fast.

Main menu as a matrix of icons • main menu as a list with items • menu organization is a subject to modification

Sub menus are displayed with icons too • personalization options

Modification of the menu design is possible with graphic themes. Motorola E1070 features three graphic themes, none of them being new. They all look much better thanks to the higher qualities of the display, though.

Default graphic theme is blue • there is also a dark one, but what I liked the most was the green graphic theme (see all the rest of the pictures)

And one more detail regarding the display background: the image active on the internal display also appears on the external one. Here however, it is margined by white bars caused by the ratio difference of the two displays.

Image does not reach display's margins


Motorola E1070's microphone appears right in front of user's mouth due to the ideal length of the device when opened. The receiver produces clear and distinct sound, yet somewhat silent in noisy environment. Besides, the phone features a Handsfree function, whose acoustic qualities resemble those of the receiver. In other words, its sound is of high-quality but of insufficient volume.

Motorola E1070 Motorola E1070
The earphone above the display is decorated with manufacturer's logo 

Ringing sounds come out from a speaker located in the bottom part of the rear cover. They are quite loud and can represent either a polyphonic melody, or a favorite MP3 file. Sound is a little bit distorted and lacks bass elements, but in no way is it unpleasant.

Selecting ringing profile • profile setup options

Ringing sounds can be modified by profiles. The phone offers five ringing profiles to use for changes of ringing melodies and sound alerts. Two of the profiles feature vibration: the first one provides vibration only, while the other one offers simultaneous ringing and vibration. Volume is controlled by the side buttons. Each volume modification is accompanied by a disturbing sound effect typical for Motorola mobiles. Ringing profiles can be changed by using the side buttons, even when the device is closed. In such case, necessary details appear on the external display.

Selecting a profile with closed phone

Reader comments

  • Anonymous
  • 23 Jan 2007
  • pYJ

My E1070 has a habit of randomly deleting numbers from my contact list. The contact still appears, but you can't call it, or edit it, or even delete it - it takes up space but isn't there. If you sync the phone with a PC, the contact is missing from ...

  • Matt
  • 28 Dec 2006
  • n1j

Just Got The Phone Today, Love It Already... One Problem, I Got The Phone On Network 3 And There Arent Many Themes To Choose From... But Over All An Excelent Phone And Recomend To Anyone Considering Buying.

  • Ross
  • 10 Sep 2006
  • pYQ

Is there any leather cases that you can open up with your phone? not just a case you put your phone into and you have to open it up to see your phone! thanks hope that makes sense!