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Motorola E1070

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  • dave
  • KIG
  • 14 Sep 2014

well after using smartphones from last 4 years, and using multiple flip phones as well i come to conclusion motorola made the ultimate flip phone and they are bad ass, i am using this phones from past 7 years and my phone and battery still works and on the hand bought a samsung flip phone, braked it in a month and e1070 even after a rough use still in working condition. i would like to buy a razr v3i the best among flip phones

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    • MdN
    • Mtr
    • 26 Dec 2011

    Well... it finally broke, more than two years after I got it, and it was 5-6 years old and heavily used. It just needs a new flat cable, but they only sell them in 10-packs on eBay. But I'm planning to have it repaired some day, it's still charging, turning on etc, but the cameras and some features are no longer working. Got a Nokia E51 as a replacement, nice little phone with plenty of features, so far it's working, and as for my V1075... rest in peace until we meet again. :-(

      • n
      • nkranpin
      • fuI
      • 23 Aug 2011

      i have Motorola E1070 but my housing i have search every where but all people say is they have not seen the phone before

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        • MdN
        • Mtr
        • 16 Jul 2011

        Update on my post below: two years now. No changes. Still works like on day one. What a great phone!

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          • MdN
          • 3qF
          • 15 Jul 2010

          Got this phone (V1075, Vodafone version) as a present exactly a year ago. It was a bit beaten up and scratched. I cleaned it, didn't expect too much judging by the comments here, but it STILL WORKS like on the day one. The keypad illumination buzzes but I quickly got used to that.

          The camera gives a "picture capture failed" once in a month or two, but I took almost 2500 photos with it so far, on some days as much as 300 photos (And lost only one bar on the battery meter!!!). The camera quality is OK, depends on the light, and I've seen much worse (like on Sony Ericsson Walkman phones). Actually, if I blur some photos (yes, blur) in Photoshop they are as good as iPhone 3G photos. With bad counter-light the photos can become a mess. But some photos I took are quite amazing, just don't expect photos like from a dedicated camera and you'll be satisfied. The videocall camera is nice, I used it a lot for self portraits and macro shots (because of the way it is set up it can shoot REALLY close objects) - it just takes some aiming skill.

          The body is still fine, no strange noises or wobbling, and I love the rubberized plastic finish. Hard to drop by accident, but even though the phone fell from the bed or table a few times, no problems. The display is perfect, the outside display not so great but hey, does its job well and it can also serve as the camera viewfinder when the phone is closed.

          The video... if I watch videos from the phone, no problems, but if I watch them from the card I can get "system error" sometimes - who cares. I have my computer for that.

          The battery life is great - 3-5 days normal use. If I play games a lot (and I installed as much as it would take) then it's 2 days. If I browse the internet like mad, 3-4 hours, or watch too many YouTube videos (yes it can do that too, YouTube recognizes it's a cell phone and gives the videos in 3GP format) then one day.

          The software is okay - some parts of the menu could have been better, but it has everything I need and doesn't make problems. The SMS memory is particularly impressive, I suppose it can take around 1000 messages... the sound quality is nice, email setup was easy, Bluetooth works perfectly, and connecting it to the computer is a breeze - just needed a mini USB cable and no software at all (although I have the software, Motorola Phone Tools, too).

          I have no idea how old my V1075 is, but I guess it's 4 years old now and still working properly. I am broke right now so I think I'm going to keep it for some more time :-) For something that was supposed to be a cheap affordable phone I'm really, really impressed. Well done Motorola and three cheers from Croatia!

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            • Cla
            • tVs
            • 15 Mar 2010

            the phone is just fine all the time... but there is a problem .. when i record videos it sudden came out with the sound 'eeennnngggg' ??? i did repair it b4 but it sounds back .. anyone can explain?

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              • Moses
              • NHH
              • 14 Jun 2009

              Helo! i av a motorola E1070,its a german made but wen i put in my 2GB micro memory card,it failes tom read it,wat kind of card can i get for

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                • emo boy
                • v3x
                • 13 Jan 2009

                ncet power

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                  • samir
                  • PA$
                  • 23 Dec 2008

                  Imtiaz Omee, 28 May 2008Dear Viewerz, Can any1 of u plz tell me where I can get the... moreya same here. my phone too is motorola v1075 and even i did't get the mannual nor installation cd if u got it send it me to my mailing address the in coming sms stores only in my sim card do u know how to store it in phone memory. if u know anything plz mail me soon. Thank You.

                    • I
                    • Imtiaz Omee
                    • 2W5
                    • 28 May 2008

                    Dear Viewerz, Can any1 of u plz tell me where I can get the manual of Motorola V1075. Its black & itz from Germany n Itz from Vodafone. So plz if ant1 of u can help me plz mail me @

                      • m
                      • mosaad abo elregal
                      • T0r
                      • 08 May 2008

                      i've no manual guide .. please i need one and please i need usb cable because my phone Motorola E1070 i bought it from italy and i'm egyptian i speake only english .. thank you for your attention

                        • s
                        • saidaya
                        • P$k
                        • 27 Feb 2008

                        what is the highest capacity of external memory.

                          • b
                          • blackwarrior
                          • PSw
                          • 03 Jan 2008

                          to Davis and George you were experiancing problems because the handset memory could only be expanded to 512mb that means above that there will be problems.

                            • D
                            • Davis
                            • BGn
                            • 22 Nov 2007

                            I have a E1070, it is very good, but is the same problem that acontecee with go3, after some time video he accuses of "a system error" I believe that was a mistake the unit since tried other cards and also occurred the same error ... Well, recalling that the unit also supports Linux operating system, which makes it an appliance reasonable

                              • G
                              • Go3
                              • nD$
                              • 13 Nov 2007

                              calin, I have v1075(same thing only Vodafone branded) and it works fine with a 512mb card

                                • G
                                • George
                                • p3J
                                • 25 Oct 2007

                                I have a 1 GB card. But I have problems with it. When I watch videos, after several minutes (5-10) it says "system error" and I cant open any video untill I restart my phone:(

                                  • c
                                  • calin
                                  • mYc
                                  • 04 Oct 2007

                                  does anybody nows what is the bigest card that this phone supports?

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                                    • Tracy.H
                                    • Ie@
                                    • 24 Sep 2007

                                    I have had mine for over a year, I have the noise when i video record, or if i try to leave a voice mail only the interference comes out. It was suggested from customer services that i use an eraser over the battery prongs in -case it was dust, this didn't help. I acturally wondered if i scratched the metal of the battery when i initally put it in??? I could not be bothered to return it so stuck with it. Apart from that i do like the phone. I love motoraola phones, but always seem to have one problem with them, maybe it is time for a change...

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                                      • fabnet
                                      • m{Y
                                      • 04 Sep 2007

                                      ......Got the V1075 from Vodafone. The phone stile is very cool (all black), but the keypad is VERY bad, cheap and the response is lousy.......

                                        • j
                                        • jericho
                                        • P@1
                                        • 30 Aug 2007

                                        I have this type of Phone but I have a problem... when i record a video there's an unusual sound i heard... how to get this ennngggggggggg sound...