Motorola E1070

Motorola E1070

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  • g
  • gregory
  • mtw
  • 19 Jul 2007

the phone is cool ,it has almost all that i have been looking for in a phone but i still have a little problem,it was sent to me with out the drive disc and i am going through some problems with it right now.anytime i try fixing it on my system it keeps asking for the disc.and i really need to wprk on the phone,is there anyway i can be helped, i am in nigeria(west africa)

    • M
    • Mart
    • myn
    • 22 Jun 2007

    Is this phone very loud as I like to listen to music on my phone but the previous phone I had a motorola razr was very quiet.

      • b
      • bman
      • jR{
      • 17 Jun 2007

      i have had this phone in the u.s. and it has been good for me works the way its made to and one thing i like is it has ar2dp built into it so i can listin to my mp3 threw pretty much any bluetooth

        • c
        • cooza
        • mZp
        • 16 Jun 2007

        had it nearly a year now.sent it 4 times to be repaired.they replaced it...the new one has exactly the same f*#%ing not gonna send it gonna smash it

          • ?
          • Anonymous
          • 0xc
          • 25 May 2007

          I've had this phone for nearly a year, and I've had no problems with it at all. Not a single one. Functions perfectly. And my battery is still very long lasting and alive.

            • ?
            • Anonymous
            • UFE
            • 23 May 2007

            Phone switches on and off ALL THE TIME!

              • B
              • Ben
              • Tk4
              • 22 May 2007

              Just read the previous post and can't believe how similar the experience is. My phone has also been replaced once, and the new one has suffered from exactly the same problems. I can't get hold of recent calls, can't select people in the address book to text to (can only text someone if they text me first!). I also can't always get 3G connections from the laptop, even though the phone reckons it's got a 3G signal.
              The problem is that all of these problems are intermittent and the service provider has said that if they can't find any problems with the phone then they'll bill me for the replacement handset.
              The overall package looks great on paper, and when it works, it's a really good phone. I'm just a bit disappointed with the rather flaky reliability.

                • c
                • chrissy
                • n1c
                • 09 May 2007

                I have had the motorola e1070 for about a year now and have had to have it replaced once.

                Both models I have had are faulty. The main problems I've had with it are the top of the flip lid cracking, refusing to select people in address book, not letting me see received calls or send txts to random people in my add book, camera refusing to take photos.

                Like I said, all this was wrong so they agreed to pick it up and replace it.. and then that one started doing the same things.

                If it worked properly, it's a nice phone, easy to use, and clear pictures.

                  • ?
                  • Anonymous
                  • P@Z
                  • 05 May 2007

                  the most amazing phone i have evr seen

                    • d
                    • darth
                    • yHx
                    • 04 May 2007

                    i'm owner of e1070 and a bit suck maybe a cheap plastic were used on the casing...on the flip area already phone never fall down or caused by when regulary open the phone to answer call or replying an sms...

                      • r
                      • rola moto
                      • mV7
                      • 17 Apr 2007

                      can somebody tell me how many SMS´s can this phone store???cause my motorola 550 can only store 30 messages and it¨s freeking me out...

                        • h
                        • harry
                        • iiW
                        • 12 Apr 2007

                        cud somebody tell me how to use a bluetooth handsfree earpiece with this fone.damn sexy.flip it open and its a freaking marvel.

                          • t
                          • takahira
                          • kDj
                          • 03 Apr 2007

                          I think the E1070 is the best compromise for performance/functionality and looks. Being a former RAZR user, I find the E1070 bulkier, but that is the only drawback. It has all the features I wanted, 3G, Bluetooth, and weight wise, hardly noticeable. I mean there is nothing wrong with the RAZR, it was one of the best phones offered by Moto. But E1070's performance and functionality over-shadows the RAZR.

                            • b
                            • bobby harris
                            • pYC
                            • 25 Mar 2007

                            hi its bobby here i think the motorola e1070 is the best phone ive ever had one enoying think is the camera it works fine during the day and at night when i take a pic it goes orange maybe because its a bit damaged because i have dropped it a few times but apart from that the phone phone excelant and three are a good network buy this phone its great

                              • ?
                              • Anonymous
                              • n19
                              • 11 Mar 2007

                              This is the best phone ever if it only had an MP3 player

                                • D
                                • Don
                                • Rxq
                                • 05 Mar 2007

                                v1075- Vodafone NZ- worst phone I have had.Onto my second handset. Nothing but setting problems and no settings on VodafoneNZ website- they blame Motorola for this. No back up from either outfit or at dealers. Biggest Turkey on market.

                                  • g
                                  • gavin
                                  • MSR
                                  • 03 Mar 2007

                                  does any one know how to get my fm transmitter for this phone working .. my phone cant seem to detect the adaptor going into it i am changing the the headset to headset only but when i play my music it is still coming through my speaker on the phone;;plz email me if you can help me out at

                                    • ?
                                    • Anonymous
                                    • my5
                                    • 26 Feb 2007

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                                      • D
                                      • DM
                                      • nye
                                      • 20 Feb 2007

                                      can anyone tell me a site where i can find some java games and apps for free download on pc for the motorola v 1075 phone ?

                                        • b
                                        • bako
                                        • msn
                                        • 19 Feb 2007

                                        very good phone