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Motorola E398

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  • NiXaN

Hey can someone tell me a few saits with free stuff for E398?

  • DC

Hey LIZ... Yes the phone supports WAV, when i bring up the CD sofware (which has built in tunez etc... it shows Mp3 and wav files under ringers and tunez. So i figure it must!

  • DC

One more thing.. my phone is a NON USA model, and I live in the USA.. the keypad is written in jibberish, and my texting takes 50x longer tryin to guess which key is what lol. Anywho.. Not sure if this makes a difference?? I want the LATEST and GREATEST U.S.A. software etc. If you can help out, drop me an email!! Much appreciated!! Have a pimpy day!

  • DC

I loaded my software.. have my cable hooked up. But, PC can't recognize the phone as connected?? Any suggestions or know hows?? Email me if you will! Thanks

  • DC

How can you find out what firmware/software that the phone is currently using??

  • shabbar

enigma , just take yr handset along with yr bill to any moto service center and they will do it for u free of cost

  • enigma

hey can i upgrade my s/w version of E398 in India??

  • Veejay

S/W upgrade? Not anymore...don't fix it if it broken...:-) Bad trip talaga noh?

  • Murry

my e398 does not have a PICTURES menu in the MULTIMEDIA menu. I can't access my pics to view them. In the MULTIMEDIA menu i have 5 applications and i guess it must be the pictures as the 6th one? What can i do?


Badtrip noh! S/W 8ER accordind to shabbar is much better. But The authorized service center of motorola in Makati tell's me that, 96R flash is the only flash recommended by motorola Philippine.

  • marcus

Buwisit ba?!? S/W

  • jojo

i have upgraded d software to damn change..except for d display timeout (double outline on d clock)and yeah, a voice name entry in d phonebook..but dnt know how to use voice dialling coz der's no added feature for that..d camera now even takes longer to start up.and another thing, there is now a sound when using d keypad (even if u put it to O) unlike b4.. those added features (Java MP3, increased memory, SMS phone memory, etc.) are seem to be all crap..i just wasted time going to d 30th floor of IBM Plaza in Libis!

  • muchtar

my mp3 player have been delete. how you idea

  • Iyra

mahall mahalll tis tryin to like it..but da price..aduh..

  • Marcus

TO Regi:

does ur S/W 96R handles more than 25 SMS in ur inbox? Tanx

  • marcus

tanx shabbar,
I'll try to ask my auhtorized Service center to re flash it again. Do you know any website wer can i download skins and games. Tanx in advance

  • shabbar

Marcus, looks like the s/w version u r using can only store msgs on yr sim try another s/w version and then yr msg capacity will surely increase i am having 110 msgs on my e398 right now

  • Liz

does e398 support wav tones?...i really wanna know coz i want to buy this cute fon if does..thnks a mil

  • Marcus

WHats the latest flex Version for Phillipines I have flex version GSKE398T672EB061. I've Just upgraded S/W
to R272_G0E.20.96R . how come mY Phone can handle only a maximum 25 SMS. Any help, comment or suggestion... anyboby?

  • murry

hi everyone,
i bought this phone just yesterday and its the best i ever owned. i have one question actually... where can i find the surround sound option. i haven't noticed it anywhere in the menu?