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Motorola E398

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  • Maical - u can download PST 6.7 here - this link could be helpful
hope i solved the problem for everyone now

  • Maical

So, u need PST program to modify phone software (i have PST 6.7)
After u install this program, u have to go to control panel - add new hardware, connect your phone and install software from PST directory. Launch PST after that. In PST go to file- new kjava file and see what is the status. After that click enable java uploader. That should do the trick. After that, u should be able to find a java uploader option in java settings.
u just click on that, introduce data cable, open Midway program and upload games...
It isnt easy, but u can do it

  • Samdol

Just got the E 398 phone and its hang up if left in standby mode for few hours. Finally the phone dead after 3 days. What a great motorola quality. Anybody else have the same sad story?

  • Anonymous

sorry Maical, but i dont see where you put how to upload java games and apps on here. come on! youre the phone god!!! please help us out!!!!

  • Anonymous

I have mp3's on my memory card but the mp3 player can't detect them what wrong?

  • Kyle

Does any body know where I can download different phone skins, themes and mpeg files for my e398?

  • Ari_0

Please be letting me know where to buy this motolora Silver and red verzion. Thanking you please :P

  • Antonio Mitrev

It is Fantastic

  • satyesh

i have aproblem i meddeled with the phone for 30 min connected to the pc
and then the in the ring styles the ringtone option is not working

  • concerned

the buzzing sound i get when playing music is only from my left speaker. is it possible for such small speaker to be blown, cause when ur speaker blowned it over-vibrates. anyone same problem

  • adam

SHABBAR, How do you download the wallpapers
from this site?;

  • Andre

I'm really happy with this amazing device, I can have all my favourite songs as MP3, and to create MP3 ringtones is much much easier than creating a ringtone couple years back when you have to typed CDEFGAB and so on. Great features, amazing stereo sound, except it has a bit slow response when typing SMS and also when you put picture phone book, the picture not shows straigh when the phone rings, took about 2 seconds for the pic to load... but all of that... HAPPY!! thanks motorola!!

  • jojo

great phone..the sound is fantastic!no other phone can match d sound..i have "basketcase" (mp3) by green day as my SMS's cool..i have 10 alternative songs in d memory card which i downloaded thru USB w/o any hassle..d phone is not really that slow..when u got used to nokia, well it's a little bit slower..but d screen, camera functions (zoom & flash) are better than those nokia can only compare this phone to SE's K700i..both have excellent screen but moto has better video recorder though but has video in d philippines, E398 is now more expensive than N6230, K700i..d value is not depreciating unlike d nokia phones..great phone moto! just need to improve on th phonebook features..:p

  • Awais

is e398 a slow phone? or it is considerable?

  • Maical

concerned >>> these are only 22 khz speakers, u have no brains at all ? some sound can only be reproduced by vibration, jesus

  • Maical

the software is located on the motorola CD, daahhhh

  • wiciu

im sory where can java games for motorola e398 plese

  • Dave

could the E398 users tell me ... is the response of the phone slow or bearable ?
as in, is it slow all the times or just certain operations? (comparing it to the Nokia's and the Sony-Ericcsons). The speed of the phone is quite important to me.

  • hamza

hey thanks for the answer
plzz tell me a software from which i can convert all types of sound files to mp3 like wma or wav and also if we can convert the kbps of the mp3 from that software

  • harminder

hi guys
This phone really great.a new revolution in GSM phones. My earlier phone is E 365, but this one really cool more improved version which the Nokia people cant think of this.coz i wanna 2 buy N 6600 but once i see the dispaly , sound quality forget Nokia all those things r bundled into it, moreover 64 MB card while there u got only 32 mb card.
If u people here uses the GPRS then its a fun tool u can download so much stuff like Java games, applications from , Try it..
But Some time its M card d,t respond or cant download the mp3 songs why??