Motorola E398

Motorola E398

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  • r@b

Watch out Nokia. Motorola has got his groove back.

  • Anonymous

Nokia do not have an extensive range as motorola when it comes to high tier phones ... E398, Mpx series, V300/500/600, Linux series, V1000/A1000/E1000 ... Nokia definitely has a lot to catch up.

  • Mark LV

In fairness this can't be regarded as anything but a mid-range handset. A good one, but not as featured as the Nokia 6230 for example. The lack of radio is an issue with me.

  • Anonymous

Is a T-flash card included in the package?

  • Anonymous

Will cost around 360 EUR as a free (unlocked) phone.
I don't know when it's available in Malaysia, in my home country Austria it will release in may.

  • Calvin Chang

How much this phone? When it will release at Malaysia?Anybody know?

  • Anonymous

It will be interesting if this phone and the SE K700 are released at the same time!

  • adfads

This phone just looks so good...if it had a radio I'd buy it for sure, but I may end up getting it anyways even though it doesn't have one.

  • uc-grace

I want to have this type, but the problem is i can not have it because they dont sell it in Indonesia here in Indonesia.
My question is where can i buy it?
and How much is it ?, this 3 band or 2 band ?

  • Ben

This phone is BRILLIANT! Although it has no IR or radio, its still great! I'll be buying! :D :P

  • Anonymous

cool y no Radio :( hope Motorola will include when ever this is released

  • Anonymous

Monalika dear u don't belong here get a NOKIA 1100 thats the best for u :D

  • Monalika

please tell me whats usb port and MPEG player ???

whats - 3D audio, MP3 ringtones ??

  • Mark LV

....another thing: why no radio?

  • Mark LV

Nice, but what the hell happened to the E390? I hope this phone will actually get a proper release, unlike the promised E390 which never materialised!

  • Anonymous

Another cool black masterpiece from motorola, good stuff...