Motorola E398

Motorola E398

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  • aaru

i realy missing e 398 sound out put very very nice .
please contact me i have purches me e 398.

  • AnonD-194461

the Strong Phone even this one is not outdoor mobile phone. few times i throw up this phone to the wall hardly and its never broke until i sold it, only the body scratch and one side has little bit crack. the rest is good and still working well.

  • iPhone user

dibya, 20 Apr 2013its a common and popular set.......again generat it......i ... moreIt was so beautiful. To hold and to touch. Inexplicable balance of colorful UI, vibrant display, hip MTV themes, stereo speakers. Still have it,..

  • dibya

its a common and popular set.......again generat it......i want it

  • Marco M

paparazzio, 21 Jan 2013it efficient and more reliable depend on it features, i rea... moreYou can check ebay for refurbs. I got a refurb earlier this year, in white (same color as ROKR E1). Still have my original soft touch black one. Wonderful phone.

  • AnonD-112988

I bought it in 14 september 2004 in indonesia, and its still use until now, beside my iphone and blackberry. it's still work properly, but i lost some of keypad button, but it ok for almost 9 year old phone

  • paparazzio

it efficient and more reliable depend on it features, i really love this phone if i can get the same type.I just cant do without it

  • Anonymous

i still use this phone! seven year and still love it

  • allan

unknow', 02 Aug 2012can you please give me the ringtone list of e398? ringtone list for what? you can easily change it as you wanna, just mod your 398

  • AnonD-42166

HBM, 29 May 2012Hi Huckfinn, "Low Grade Color Phone"???????? ... moreIt came out a bit after the Nokia6600. Everyone at the time thought the Nokia was so great. Next to this phone it just simply wasn't. After some software modding it could shoot videos for as long as there was space on your memory card and it could even take iTunes. It was a legend in it's own right. very moddable and very loud with it's dual speakers.

  • unknow'

marjoko puspo wardho, 17 Dec 2010Oh MAn.. i have this phone... the greatest and the legend o... morecan you please give me the ringtone list of e398?

  • HBM

Hi Huckfinn,

"Low Grade Color Phone"????????

When it was released, in 2004, it was the most feature rich Phone ever released!!!

I Have loved it and will always do, no matter what! In fact I still use it even after 8 Years! Top that!

  • help me

I have used it for two year with satisfaction but, now service and battery is not available so very problem.

  • HuckFinn

Is this phone still available in the Philippines? I had this phone before and I miss it a lot! I hope I could have this phone again! Best low grade, colored phone I had so far!

  • prita

I need to charge for mobile phones but I'm looking for from any store that sells nothing,can anybody tell where I had to buy it?

  • Anonymous

also missing my e398, for sure way ahead of it time

  • monu

i had this phone realy i am missing my e398

  • kay

I absolutely LOVED this phone, way ahead of its time!
Really miss it. :(

  • meddemup

Loved it, I miss this handset.

  • saifeejinia

it was very good mobile, with extra features on that time i missed it very much