Motorola E680

Motorola E680

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  • Anonymous

cool fone wowwwwww!!! excelent !! next time i will turn to motorola maybe!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

What will be the probable price?Somebody knows?

  • Anonymous

I love you Motorola, this is the phone i've waited for.

  • Dodge koko

so lovely! fantastic
Moto ich liebe es''

  • Anonymous

Seems very promishing if the price is correct. At least, under linux I'll have the freedom to use my own or other "free" applications. Who needs a better PDA now? Welcome moto! :-)


it is a very big phone I think

  • Anonymous

Great features and a great price: unlocked for around 440 EUR. Nokia, Siemens, have no chance!

  • chris

so cooooool !!

  • KiiiM

Tell me, does this phone go on the internet?

  • Pagoda

Oh ye gods...
Looks excellent, has everything I need...
Under Linux... OK, nobody's perfect.
Jesus, I'm in love with a PHONE?? ;-)

  • Anonymous

hey nokia, your behind!

  • Anonymous

No radio ? Shame !

  • Anonymous

The best looking phone i've ever seen in my life

  • John Hurmos

This is what i need.