Motorola E680

Motorola E680

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  • jeric

to all of you there readers, please help me how to open my e680, i cant open it beacause its unlock, pls help me, how can it be open there is a lock code.

  • Aki

Hai, i am using motorola e680 phone. I insert a new 1gb memory card. But memory card is not open in file manager.... Pls help me friends

  • Anonymous

Bacsihoasung, 04 Aug 2011My Moto E680 is still running, every thing of Moto E680 is ... moreMine's still running with new batteries from ebay. The touch screen still works really well but I'm consider a smartphone.

  • taisy22

my phone has a problem that it can nolonger store charge, i triy charging but nothning and i thought it was the battery which i changed but all the same your advise

  • taisy

Bacsihoasung, 04 Aug 2011My Moto E680 is still running, every thing of Moto E680 is ... morehow can i rectify my phone, it show charging but cant hold charge even for amin, i have tried to buy new batteries and replaced but nothing, i wont motolora

  • Bacsihoasung

My Moto E680 is still running, every thing of Moto E680 is good but the battery. I love it

  • chell briz

the MOTOROLA E680 is very nice...

  • Anonymous

Serena, 10 Mar 2006i bought this phone from my brother.i like it,but since he ... moreGO into theme and u'll b able to change the ring tone

  • Anonymous

jonathon, 12 Jun 2008were do i insert my memory card atyou need 2 put it in the to of the phone use up to 2gig sd card

  • Craig Callum

jhen, 10 Nov 2008i have this phone,my bf bought it from china,some of the ph... moreI would love to know how to reat tunes to another phone via blue tooth my email is

  • terumbu

i got problem with my battery it cannot loggest

  • rover

please i want some one to help me how to transfer the sms stored in my phone to my pc < coz the folder capacity is already full ...

thanks alot ,,
my email :

  • Erick B.

well I have one it was passed down to me on Christmas from my brother and they are very rare and expensive

  • jhen

i have this phone,my bf bought it from china,some of the phone's words are written in chinese that i dont understand.can i ask if you know a driver or whatsoever that i can change that particular words into english?? and my friend borrow it for texting her friend,then she accidentally delete some of the aplications that was written in chinese,,now my bf ask me where the dictionary was,can i know if you have a downloadable driver for that?? thanks

  • justice

you know sad thing about moto gadgets..keep coming back,.to the old school...and how is introduce Wi-FI first with their MPX model..and now touchscreen phone from motorola has nothing but a bunch of useless applications propaganda..I like motorla phones since the beginning of they arrive.. but you know it's a disappointment to the people who love's not about the cost's what the people a days...

  • canuck

I have this phone, but don't have any CD. Any there any place where I can get a copy? I want to sync the info between the phone & my computer, as well as install s/w to the phone. Email me at canadianwealth AT Thanks.

  • canuck

haris, 21 Dec 2005do you want your E680 can read the word,html, and all micr... moreDo you have a copy of the Motorola CD for this phone? Thanks.

  • Anonymous edge absense

  • Anonymous

how to set gprs connection

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970if any one calls me up i want that person picture to be displayed on my how to set it?