Motorola E680

Motorola E680

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  • Alrin Lee

Singyer, 27 Jun 2008********************************** PLEASE HELP ME *******... moreme too la....
help me also!!!!!!!!

  • asen

How can i choose soft ware for games or anything to install in my phone. and what kind of tipe of soft ware can i install and fix for my touch screen phone

please mail me back in


  • Singyer

My E680 bought from HONGKONG, i at Malaysia.
1.I had ask Maxis (operator) to set MMS and gprs setting for me but i still cant use it.

2.My Voice Command not working. And it unable to read out my msg or anything.
I try using saudi SIMCard when i at outstation there, all voice command function is back. But when i use back my Maxis sim card, it is not working.

  • jonathon

were do i insert my memory card at

  • Anonymous

Ricky, 23 May 2008I love this Phone but i have problem coz if i play real pl... morehow do i put sim card in

  • Ricky

Hei Fren i hv problem
why my phone cannot use library file music again. and change wallpaper or ringtone always said "memory is full" please help me im boring with my wallpaper and ringtone

  • Anonymous

HELP.... HELP.... HELP...
please help me how to browse internet this great pHone
and where i can download free game and thme
please send message to me

  • Ricky

I love this Phone
but i have problem coz if i play real player
it say "cannot use MyLib 4 space limitation"
and if i want to change wlpper/ringtone/theme it say "full memory" but the memory is have big space.. please help me
i luph this phone so much

  • Anonymous

I love this phone because if its features such as the document viewer,touchscreen and the voice command. However,the photos snapped by the camera(0.3)mega pixel is not very clear.

  • Sholihah

I'm a big fan of this phone.But last week,it already not working.It fail to charged.
Pro:Email,basic web surfing,user friendly where basic functions (alarm,calculator etc) are placed on the "desktop".
Cons: Batt runs so fast (have to charge everynight when I'm back from work.

  • exploer

can anybody help me to disable(hide) image in the web browser? or maybe get into engineering mode...

  • prince arthur

please it a nice phone to be used but battery is giving me problems when you try to play music within some shot term it will run down. also wants to change the housing but cant get some to buy.

  • dj

Hi, I am having the same phone..but after sending it to repairs, I seem to be having problems. I keep getting a memory full message even though I have loads of space left...My headphones do not work when I plug it in.

Can anybody help? If I reset everything, will everything be okay again? Please help me out... And is it true the E680 can run Windows Mobile? Can anybody verify this?

  • 8585

WIN.. no need to download anysoftware, simply go to Main menu, choose Setting then click on MASTER RESET the pasword is 000000 (if it is wrong try 999999 or 666666). Do the same thing to option Master Clear. It will clear all your data in Phone memory, you'd be better backing up all important data to the PC. Have fun! this is a really great phone.

  • WIN

well the touchscreen not working,

  • dj allan

im having problem With my was infected by virus,in wich i cannot open my phone book and my message windows...i already scan it,,and delete the virus but i think the system are affected already,,,i want to know where to download the software to reformat my e680..

  • MD

well my e680 keeps giving me trouble with the screen. it keeps freezing on me what can i do?

  • Julius

hi im from Indonesia.
about the memory card i use transcend 1gb 80x.
Can anyone help.. how can i change theme e680 ?

  • Julius

I already had Motorola E680. it's great mobile i ever had. i had more than 2 years. and i always trying to make e680 good. i always add mp3 music there. i already had a bible over there. so if you there need help .. just ask me.. i will try help you.

I like this mobile E680.

  • Nickk

Hey i downloaded some themes for the phone but some how i dont know how to install there any good guides or sites for themes that i dont have to do anything but download and not alot of installation steps? Someone please help me out ty