Motorola E770

Motorola E770

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  • MobileGeek

My only motorola phone, used it for 1 year.

  • jhonelcapila@yahoo.c

the best phone motorola e770 only

  • Anonymous

It has a buggy firmware, but it actually works most of the time, and I don't use the audio/video/browser capabilities. I only employ calls, SMS texts and use the phone as an (slower) UMTS modem with my PC if needed.

The design is admittedly hideous, but the build quality is very good and stable. I dropped the phone on stone floors or against walls, stepped on it or kicked it (of course, accidentally), and everything I observe are some scratches on thick plastic and a blind camera mirror (the chrome's been coming off).

I use the phone since 3.2006, and now it needs a new battery, I think I'll have to shell out 10 EUR or so.

A good, durable phone.

  • Keko

piku, 30 Apr 2012where to buy display,batteryHow to upload Opera mini browser for mobile on Mot.E770e.

  • piku

where to buy display & battery?my 1GBsd card does not supported,what to do?

  • piku

where to buy display,battery

  • bota2ygo

i have a mot e770 but the casing and key pad is realy broken ware in the hell can i buy the casing!!!

  • Chris

I'm still using my Motorola E770 since 2006. So awesome. I liked the features, I can do browsing. download mp3's, videos etc. I had an experience that this cellphone of mine got virus from the computer. One thing I did was i research the Universal PASSWORD

  • nestor

Anonymous, 27 Sep 2009you can buy from trade me. new zealand websiteanybody know where to buy the housing

  • Anonymous

very good phone indeed, but where can i buy the usb connector and usb card i have a micro card but its not working or maybe not compatible with the moto fone.

  • Acme

This is a very good phone.
Good call quality, can make video calls, good sound quality in with and without headset, good java support + very cheap.

  • varinder

rigers, 07 Dec 2010i cant open sounds or piscure or videos when my memory card... moreonly nokia memory cards are well for motorola e770 best is that u should insert nokia memory sd small card

  • Moto

mobile is good,actualy,got ewerything :D

  • shaphel

tista, 19 Dec 2009i have lost its screen and software four times and recovere... moreHow did you recover the screen etc?

  • Anonymous

hi i have e770. but the mobile is not working. its show unragistered sim what i do please tell me.

  • alois

rigers, 07 Dec 2010i cant open sounds or piscure or videos when my memory card... moreIf you cant access the memory card, confirm that your memory card is not broken(has not chipped off or cracked) or try it in another phone to ensure its not faulty.

  • rigers

i cant open sounds or piscure or videos when my memory card is in my phone ,please help me(my memory card is available)


I have motorola E770 but I need programe for recorder calls

  • Anonymous

walter, 28 Oct 2006why does my e770 keep on switching off automatically and th... morei m having same problem with dis phone. me out.

  • andrew

wer 2 buy da lcd of e770?and hw much?