Motorola Edge (2021) undergoes teardown on video, isn't very easily repairable

Vlad, 01 September 2021

Back in mid-August Motorola unveiled its newest upper-midrange smartphone for the North American market, which the company confusingly calls Motorola Edge (like the original Edge from last year). Trying to keep our sanity we're going to refer to it as the Edge (2021).

This phone is supposed to become available today at Best Buy, B&H, Amazon, and for an introductory price of $500 (which is apparently $200 off the normal price of $700). If, before you place your order, you were curious to see the Motorola Edge (2021) from the inside, then YouTube channel PBKreviews has you covered, just having published a disassembly/teardown video of the handset. Here it is for your viewing pleasure.

As you can see, the Edge (2021) definitely isn't an easy phone to take apart by yourself. In fact, the channel rates its repairability at 5.5 out of 10, where 10 would be easiest to repair. And you can see why - the inside of the device is definitely rather complicated. To pry, you not only need to know what you're doing, but also have adequate tools.

Battery replacement is especially tedious since there are no pull tabs, and to replace the screen you basically have to tear the entire phone apart, from back to front. Definitely not something for the faint of heart, this. Oh, and if you need to replace the power button with its embedded fingerprint sensor or the volume keys, you'll have to first pry the screen off.


Reader comments

  • Selva

Heard from online forums that, including motorola, many companies facing chip shortage and due that only they couldn't deliver further units. They just delivered the people who pre-booked the device. I too waiting for the Edge 20 to be available...

  • Mani

Sad to hear that. Moto can rule the stage with thier expertise in the field. But something's stopping them to be more innovative and aggressive.

  • Arshi

It's an appropriate punishment for carelessness. Motorola trying to make us a responsible person

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