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Motorola Edge 20 Pro

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  • Lence
  • nUk
  • 25 May 2022

Lence, 21 May 2022So, I got this phone last week. And I just cant get over fe... moreReached out to Motorola Support, they told me to return the phone LMAO.

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    • Lence
    • nUk
    • 21 May 2022

    So, I got this phone last week. And I just cant get over few things...

    1. Why do you have dedicated google assistant button that you cant re-map? You can just say "Hey Google" since you will speak with assistant anyway, but if you decide to type your inquiry, you could just use Chrome and f**g google it?

    If you want to turn on some appliances for example, you can also use your voice... I just dont see a point clicking a damn button and then speaking or typing as you can do that without Google assistant and do it faster.

    Also, you will press that button by mistake few times as well.

    2. No 3.5mm, but we have google assistant button?

    3. What was an idea of placing fingerprint sensor so high? just why? who designed this monstrosity?

    4. Phone is deciding to freeze himself with random app. App will be open in full screen, and you cant turn off the app, minimize it or use your phone untill you restart it.

    Yay android 12.

    5. Cameras are ok as long as your hand is steady as tombstone, and if there is enough light. If there is slightly shake or you dont have enough light, just use Nokia 3310 picture will be better.

      SuperSpruce, 01 May 2022Just curious, what kind of headphones do you use with this ... moreI have both.. But i use wireless one Samsung level lik.. Great headset

        It is great... My Edge 20 pro received android 12.. Everything working very well

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          • Rajesh
          • pRx
          • 13 May 2022

          OS crashed twice after updating to Android 12. Advised to do data back up before updating android 12

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            • Ramkumar
            • DkW
            • 10 May 2022

            Today Motorola edge 20 pro .. Android 12 release in India ....10-05-2022

              AlaaSu, 20 Apr 2022I have it and i did not find any problem... Even the sound ... moreJust curious, what kind of headphones do you use with this device? Wireless ones? Or do you use an adapter? If so, do you use an active one or a passive one?

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                • Rio from Vietnam
                • KZK
                • 01 May 2022

                I'm a Motorola fan for years so I bought this Moto Edge 20 pro but I must gonna say very disappointed of the Camera. The photos ara very unreal, the color of the skin kinda change entirely, no the details capture. It's like low-price camera phones, just using app to make photo more stunning!! Really?

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                  • ejrom05
                  • Brv
                  • 25 Apr 2022

                  Mon20, 15 Apr 2022How did you resolve the Google contacts problem? not sure if this can help, just login to gmail on a desktop browser. find the contacts app, and export your contacts as vcard and copy it to the phone. then on the contacts app on the phone, find import on the menu and locate that vcard file.

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                    • babak
                    • pTh
                    • 23 Apr 2022

                    Marko, 21 Apr 2022Do dual apps work on this phone? Dual viber, messenger, fa... moreno its pure android and doesnt have those features.i didnt buy it because of that too

                      AB, 03 Mar 2022Does it really worth buying over OnePlus Nord 2 or OnePlus ... moreDon't get Oneplus Nord 2, it has battery explosion issues. Sure it is better than Oneplus 9R, has a telephoto and slower charging.

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                        • Marko
                        • 3Cs
                        • 21 Apr 2022

                        Do dual apps work on this phone?
                        Dual viber, messenger, facebook, instagram ... Of course as an option in phones without installing PARALLEL LINE and other jokes
                        On Samsung it is called Dual Messinger, as the phone has two cards

                          SuperSpruce, 09 Dec 2021Sad. This year, Motorola's flagship phone dropped the ... moreI have it and i did not find any problem... Even the sound it is good frim phone and great from headphones.. A lot of brand's have No Sd card... It is great phone... Great display great storage great platform in all side...

                            • ?
                            • Anonymous
                            • Nu7
                            • 17 Apr 2022

                            EdgeUser, 12 Apr 2022Edge 20 Pro has very bad camera software so beware of issue... moreHow bad is it, can't you use gcam?

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                              • Mon20
                              • r3H
                              • 15 Apr 2022

                              Anonymous, 05 Mar 2022I just got a Motorola edge s pro Chinese version. I uninsta... moreHow did you resolve the Google contacts problem?

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                                • EdgeUser
                                • DGV
                                • 12 Apr 2022

                                Edge 20 Pro has very bad camera software so beware of issues like stuttering videos and unclear pictures. Great hardware specs on paper indeed, but the camera is just depressing to use. Motorola can not optimize the camera software it seems.

                                  Jamal2019, 08 Mar 2022What is the update you have?Its ok now, working

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                                    • nico
                                    • I@H
                                    • 02 Apr 2022

                                    Amgmiki, 10 Mar 2022There is Android auto installed? Does it work fine, did som... moreyes android auto works well

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                                      • motoroll
                                      • t7x
                                      • 30 Mar 2022

                                      how moto advertised this phone basically dont stand a chance over ip/sam/hwei.
                                      Got this phone to break away from the the suffocating over advertised brands.
                                      it's a surprise to see the improvements since my last moto back in the school days.
                                      for 2021 phone, who knew this had 8k video recording?
                                      moving photos? and spot color? cam features is jam packed. it would certainly the pump your creative juices .
                                      Good news is that all the bloatwares are now gone. moto phones used to have alot of those useless apps.

                                      more importantly, the side fingerprint biometrics works instantly which is surprise. i remember the crappy fingerprint reader of Xperia5 i had before -takes 5 attempts before it recognizes my id. Crapperia.. already a dead phone before a year. shishh.

                                        • W
                                        • Wamsy
                                        • X$W
                                        • 28 Mar 2022

                                        It was an excellent device. It's only for the people who don't care updates to software.

                                        Will definitely work for 2 to 3 years.

                                        Updates no guarantee.