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Motorola Edge 30

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  • Aba32b
  • 6sP
  • 13 Apr 2024

I bought this phone as upgrade over Redmi 10C and I must say its even worse and that with almost 2x antutu score of R10C. UI is total garbage. Things you can do with two taps on redmi needs 3-5 taps on moto. Phone heats up a lot even in 2D. Plastic chassis starts squeaking after less than week. Phone restarts itself for no reason. You have to turn off wifi for a while, then it wont restart but what is this? A joke? For phone in this price range it should atleast work as a phone. I should bought Narzo 50 5G second hand for half the price of this brick.

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    • Anonymous
    • PGI
    • 06 Apr 2024

    Been using this phone since 11 months. Value for money. Camera could have been better

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      • Khairi
      • tue
      • 24 Mar 2024

      green lines issue after 1.5y

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        • Sev11
        • 60%
        • 22 Mar 2024

        I've purchased this one like 4 months ago. I've researched about it's antutu benchmark score and on the most sites I've visited they say that the phone score is arround 500 000, but in reality is around 300 000.

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          • Pumba
          • mby
          • 28 Feb 2024

          Overall I like the phone, I'm not a heavy user though, I use it for a random photo, small videos of the kids and browsing and some youtubing. for this, the mobile might be overkill even.
          However, I love the fact I got a message I on my phone i got 'tracked' by an apple airtag without notifying me, and if I would like to ping it to find out where it is hidden.

          The situation didn't bother me, cause I was in a rental car, but neat feature.

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            • Gamer69
            • mAP
            • 17 Jan 2024

            Anonomouse, 14 Jan 2024I won't recommend it. Check these out: https://m.gsma... moreBut it is important to me that it should not be bigger/wider than that.
            And a good processor is important, because I also want to play on it.
            and the price should not be more than 300-350 dollars.
            stock Android is required

              Gamer69, 13 Jan 2024looking at the comments, there are too many problems with i... moreI won't recommend it. Check these out:

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                • Anonymous
                • dZS
                • 13 Jan 2024

                Gamer69, 13 Jan 2024looking at the comments, there are too many problems with i... moresame, trying to figure out

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                  • Gamer69
                  • mAP
                  • 13 Jan 2024

                  looking at the comments, there are too many problems with it.

                  shouldn't I buy it?
                  and it's a little depressing that there won't be an update on it anymore, and I'll have to buy a 2022 phone in 2024

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                    • Umair
                    • waU
                    • 30 Dec 2023

                    My moto edge 30 is not showing Volte option.Any suggestions?

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                      • Sid
                      • 64b
                      • 17 Dec 2023

                      When will motorola Edge 30 ..roll out android 14. Why motorola is very slow to update software...

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                        • Anonymous
                        • BiJ
                        • 05 Dec 2023

                        Sudeep108, 07 Jul 2023I bought edge 30 in june 3 2023.I had the same feel..when I... moreYou just turn on auto frame rate . Just switch to 60 hz or 144hz

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                          • hi 2023
                          • JqS
                          • 22 Nov 2023

                          Samira, 24 Oct 2023I'm going to buy but Thanks To GSM Arena now I'll... morehi 2023

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                            • Samira
                            • fCM
                            • 24 Oct 2023

                            I'm going to buy but Thanks To GSM Arena now I'll find another phone no earphones🎧 jeck in this phone they forgot many user believe in weird earphone jeck

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                              • Anonymous
                              • uux
                              • 10 Oct 2023

                              huge system storage issue. 96 GB of 128 GB taken away by system storage. very disappointing

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                                • Von
                                • tV0
                                • 10 Oct 2023

                                Guys, anyone run into green line issue on screen after few months? Not sure if this has been happening to India specific models though

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • uuk
                                  • 29 Sep 2023

                                  i bought MOTOROLA Edge 30 in Feb 2023. The system storage has taken away 86 GB of 128 GB space, is the team Motorola working on it. Soon, i may not be able to use the phone at all.

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                                    • Darkonda
                                    • 64h
                                    • 13 Sep 2023

                                    Even after the last update, I still have the problem that my system memory is filling up, now it's up to 80gb.

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                                      • S3
                                      • 3Jx
                                      • 30 Aug 2023

                                      Ananta , 21 Mar 2023R u giving review for God or motoThis comment made my day😂

                                        Yeah I am facing the same issue as well . I had to reset my phone thrice , but it didn't solve the issue. Now my storage increases 1GB per day !!!

                                        :( shouldn't have bought Motorola edge 30 . I should have got pixel or Samsung 😭🥲