Motorola Edge 30 Fusion in Viva Magenta hands-on review

Yordan, 24 February 2023

The Motorola Edge 30 Fusion has been around for over 5 months, initially coming in four colors - Cosmic Gray, Aurora White, Solar Gold, and a Neptune Blue Vegan Leather option.

Now Motorola added a fifth option that we have with us today - say hello to the Motorola Edge 30 Fusion in Viva Magenta, the Pantone Color of the Year 2023.

Motorola Edge 30 Fusion in Viva Magenta hands-on review

The partnership between Pantone and Motorola started with the Edge 30 Neo back in 2022, when the midranger arrived in last year’s color Very Peri. We are excited to see the partnership expanding to more capable devices boosting their looks.

Motorola is shipping the phone in plastic-free packaging, and the whole retail box is made from recyclable materials, while the ink is made of soy. Continuing the sustainability trend, the Viva Magenta color option is finished Vegan Leather - instead of an animal product, the Edge 30 Fusion’s panel is made from a mixture of polyurethane and plant products.

The company still kept the 68W charger and the USB-C cable in the box, though. There is also a neat transparent case, allowing you to showcase the pretty design while protecting the phone. Interestingly enough, the phone even emits an exquisite aroma, like a fine perfume that was applied before the package was sealed.

Motorola Edge 30 Fusion in Viva Magenta hands-on review

Taking the phone out of the box, we realize it is even more stunning than in images. The Magenta color basks in the sunlight, and with the camera island and the rim also being painted similarly, this Edge 30 Fusion is one of the pretties phones we ever handled.

Powering it on, we see a lovely wallpaper in the same hue, while the Material You UI has a matching Magenta theme. The Personalization menu even has a small reminder that this isn’t just a normal reddish color, it is Pantone-certified.

The phone also comes with Moto Buds 600 ANC TWS earbuds, which come in Winetasting hue (yes, that’s really the name of the color). It is said to be “designed to complement the Pantone Color of the Year 2023” and it is a shade of Burgundy. We should mention that the CMYK percentage of this color is 100% Magenta so even without the Pantone branding, it still “creates a striking pair and new wardrobe stable”.

Motorola Edge 30 Fusion in Viva Magenta hands-on review

This Edge 30 Fusion comes with 8GB RAM and 128GB, and is otherwise the very same capable premium device that we reviewed in early September. It has a great 144Hz AMOLED, capable Snapdragon 888+ chipset and solid battery life.

We love the fact that Motorola is sticking to the stock OS experience on the global market, and while Android is still at 12, there are planned upgrades, and Android 13 should arrive soon.

Motorola Edge 30 Fusion in Viva Magenta hands-on review

The Motorola Edge 30 Fusion was initially launched at €600 in Europe, while starting price in the United States was $699. The Viva Magenta version and Winetasting buds in the box means the price is jumping to $799 in the US, but in Europe you can have it for €550, which makes it a solid deal.


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  • 08 Apr 2023
  • ter

That is to be expected from Samsung, just like their mediocre ODM slabs and promising camera lenses

Upgraded version? You mean the fact that it has a "+"? Bud, the regular 888 is the hottest and least stable chipset out there, (maybe tied with the 8 gen 1) nothing good comes from overclocking it, which is all the "+" means. It&#...

Oh, he/she lives in 2026

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