Motorola Edge 30 Ultra

Motorola Edge 30 Ultra

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  • LexCorp

tork, 07 Jan 2022As long as it does not overheat we would love to have it...... moreWhy would you say as long as it doesn't overheat? I've used Motorolas for a long time now and have never had any of them overheat. Would like to genuinely know out of interest/concern. Thanks for your time. Have a great one!

As long as it does not overheat we would love to have it....I use poco x3 nfc Great cell bang for it's between this moto or poco x4

Is this going to be international version of X30? Because there are no differences at all between two when you compare it here on this site, only differences appears to be extra details, not necessarily difference. Why market a device with exact same specs twice?

  • Xiong Ba

this phone is power

Lukemo, 25 Nov 2021It still would'nt beat The selfie camera on my Asus ze... moreI'm hoping the Zenfone 9 gets a flip cam too, but with a better camera, OIS, and a larger aperture, say F1.6. If that happens, I will go for it right away. If not, then I will have to choose the Moto Edge 30 Ultra instead.

  • Anonymous

Dadey, 20 Nov 2021am i going blind or did I see that the selfie cam is 60MP??... moreAh yes, stupid, ignorant, self-centered comparisons.

There's always that one guy, "i BeT mY [insert randomly generated number] yEaRs oLd pHoNe iS bEtTeR 1!1!!1!11"

Spoiler alert : It's not. Your old, dusty and outdated phone has been surpassed by midrange phones, so it doesn't even stand a chance against flagships.

  • Tushar

Beast phone it will vanish all the market of cheap brands like oneplus, oppo, vivo, redmi, samsung because it's the first mobile company

  • Lukemo

Dadey, 20 Nov 2021am i going blind or did I see that the selfie cam is 60MP??... moreIt still would'nt beat The selfie camera on my Asus zenphone 7 pro.

am i going blind or did I see that the selfie cam is 60MP??
omg, I bet my S10+ selfie is better or equally as good and it's almost a 3 years old phone....

  • Truedroid3rd

Would you like me to create Truedroid again?
I ask also to gsmarena?
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RandyRiffin, 15 Nov 2021You might be bothered to walk up close, but there's ju... moreI don't prefer any lenses. It all depends on what the situation demands. It's common sense to me.

I will use the main camera with a wide or an ultrawide to capture vast landscapes; telephoto for far away objects—thousands of use cases.

It is self-explanatory and it's not something that's worthy of a long argument.

Manufacturers add them to smartphones to make life easier. I'm also tired of carrying heavy camera equipments; not to mention the process of transferring photos and post-processing.

Those replies are only an indirect sarcastic response to the boy ("AnonD-930503" a.k.a. "Truedroid") whose account was recently deleted. 😂

EliseKlevr, 13 Nov 2021That's what I'm saying all along. All I get is th... moreYou might be bothered to walk up close, but there's just something about just being able to zoom in effortlessly while lazily staying in the same place, even if the image quality is worse.
WAIT a minute, whose side are you on? Do you want to zoom in or walk closer?

Bodygard, 14 Nov 2021No there's more problems: Plastic frame+plastic back ... moreThe S10+ with triple cameras that includes a periscope telephoto was introduced in 2019. I think that phone is better than this.
Not to mention the 4k60fps and a headphone jack.

[deleted post]No there's more problems:
Plastic frame+plastic back really? No 4K 60fps in this day and age, really?

There's a lot of silly people then. Or maybe you are the silly...

This is nowhere near to and ultra phone as there is no telephoto zoom, the ultra wide sensor is smaller than the small Google pixel 5 main sensor and screen isn't curved or QHD and the main camera sensor isn't huge either

No telephoto and fingerprint on the side for a flagship or "kinda"? Really...?

  • Super


  • AnonD-930503

2xZoom, 13 Nov 2021Nah. I thought it's going to be a technical discussion... moreThe guy that I was quarelling was about professional cameras, I was telling to him about mobile phones! He was replying me about crocodile and other things he wants to take photo with professional camera! I didn't say anything about professional camera! I am talking about mobile phones
So you came and began to quarrel too, ;) I didn't want say anything bad to you, bad you took side of hime

  • AnonD-930503

[deleted post]If the all things were decided by focal lengths you already had excellent mobile phone. It's not all about mm it's about quality of lenses! It's about image sensor! Lets say that you have telephoto lenses, but the image sensor is poor, so what would you expect from that telephoto? 50 mpx camera of Huawei much better than your telephoto, it has good quality, main camera of Xiaomi Mi Ultra much more than your f::: telephoto,
With good camera settings you can zoom if you don't have shaky hand, and has much more quality than your useless telephoto.
So buy this, this phone very good phone
Who created this phone is the greatest engineers in the world
They knew what is useless
Thank you guys well-done

[deleted post]Nah. I thought it's going to be a technical discussion on mobile photography but it seems to me that you're still on your diapers.