Motorola Edge 40 Neo

Motorola Edge 40 Neo

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  • Anonymous
  • XZe
  • 26 Feb 2024

Why It's over $450 in Us when It's official price is $300 in every other region?

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    • Rares7235
    • SvB
    • 24 Feb 2024

    It's a pretty good phone, I'm using it as my daily driver for about a couple months now. The only problem that I have with it is that it randomly goes to the lockscreen when I'm using it.

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      • Vikkked
      • Kxb
      • 15 Feb 2024

      As of today, 15 Feb 2024

      I have a question to those who are using this phone.
      Is the unnecessary heating problem resolved by the company or this problem still exist ?

      I heard that Motorola will release an OTA update which will resolve the heating issue.

      Please someone let me know.

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        • Hasan
        • rKU
        • 15 Feb 2024

        Anonymous, 14 Jan 2024Don't buy moto edge 4o Neo..worst phone ..too much hea... moreNo, I am using from last 1 month, all working good

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          • Angshu
          • KAp
          • 09 Feb 2024

          Does it support VGA or HDMI output using type-C output?

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            • SaSa
            • nUk
            • 09 Feb 2024

            Anyone has problem with "Edge lighting" ?
            My setting is the following way
            - Incoming calls
            - Alarms
            - Applications
            - Lights up at full strength when the screen is down
            Only displayed when the screen is facing down
            - It is turned off for a certain period
            When there is a call, messages ... the screen turns on, "Lights on the edge" turn on for a few seconds and disappear. So after that there is no visual information that a message has arrived or a call has been missed???
            Послали сте
            Edge lights work for all checked notification. Example, when the phone rings, the edge lighting appears. When the call ends, the lighting turns off. Is this normal or should the edge lighting stay on for a while after that?
            If I'm not in the room, I don't hear an incoming call, when I return, I don't have information in the form of a visual notification that I have a missed call. I thought that the edge lighting should also light up later at least for a while in order to have a visual notification about missed calls and messages. Maybe the edge lighting is planned to light up only for a moment, when we receive a message or a call, and then it turns off.
            The old mobile phone I used had LED corner notifications in different colors for different applications that flashed until the moment I unlocked the screen and read the notification.

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              • sToP
              • nUk
              • 09 Feb 2024

              Anonymous, 14 Jan 2024Don't buy moto edge 4o Neo..worst phone ..too much hea... moreAre you paid to fool around? The phone is great. the battery lasts for 2 days of normal use or over 6 hours onscreen. Simply great phone

                Anonymous, 14 Jan 2024Don't buy moto edge 4o Neo..worst phone ..too much hea... more* Some third party applications runs in background and consumes more battery. Check whichever apps are running in background and remove it for testing. These apps are coming from our old mobile due to configuration option to download.
                * If you observe battery issue, check your mobile in Safe Mode option, in this third party apps will not run. In safe mode option, if mobile is OK, then remove all those disabled third-party apps (you can reinstall it later if you want) and again test mobile in normal mode. If mobile is not OK in Safe Mode, then contact Motorola customer care. In my case, BoatWave, Battery Alarm software are running in background and was consuming more battery. After removing them, it becomes good. In idle time, 8 hours sleep time, mobile shows me still 100% battery. If your mobile still has battery issue, then battery is defective and check with moto customer care, they will replace the battery. But you need to test it and give proper reason.
                * While charging my mobile also goes to 43C. When I checked in google, this temperature is OK. Initially, it heats up more, but day by day it becomes normal. This is due to mobile is slim and fast charging. When I charge mobile in 33W Charger, no heating issue.

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                  • Kevbgt
                  • nFx
                  • 23 Jan 2024

                  MM550, 24 Dec 2023Hi to everyone! I have a trouble with Moto Edge 40 Neo . I... moreCompletely normal, you have the option to upgrade android the normal way. Then in the Moto app you can update security and play store. In the Moto app as you update, you need to restart, and do the same again as each update if there has been 4 since device was released you will need to do this 4 times. I do believe all this should be a mandatory setting before you can use device as it is all this happening in the background that gives people a bad first impression of a devices performance and battery life. It's updating and syncing your backup all whilst we benchmark and play games lol.

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                    • Debasish
                    • PEW
                    • 22 Jan 2024

                    Anonymous, 20 Jan 2024Very good battery back up in 5g as well as 4g . Never post ... moreYou are right.. battery backup is pretty good.I am using this

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                      • Anonymous
                      • CbG
                      • 20 Jan 2024

                      Anonymous, 14 Jan 2024Don't buy moto edge 4o Neo..worst phone ..too much hea... moreVery good battery back up in 5g as well as 4g . Never post wrong comment without using this moto edge 40 Neo iam using .

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                        • Khalil
                        • GX3
                        • 16 Jan 2024

                        Can we buy this motorola 40edge nea on emi

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                          • Truth
                          • sSN
                          • 16 Jan 2024

                          Any timeline for Android 14 for this model

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                            • Anonymous
                            • XV8
                            • 14 Jan 2024

                            Don't buy moto edge 4o Neo..worst phone ..too much heating... battery is express train...even survise is worst...not given replacement....even 15k redmi note sires phone is better than this...
                            I REPEAT .....DONT BUY THIS PHONE.....

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                              • bhaskar
                              • f}h
                              • 12 Jan 2024

                              i bought phone just two days ago ,the phone's screen stucks sometimes and instagram not responding

                                Anonymous, 05 Jan 2024Gorilla 3, from 2012 The initial spec was listed as Gorilla Glass 3 on some Motorola websites in Europe and NEG Nippon glass on the Motorola India website.

                                Motorola has since updated its websites with the wording NEG T2X-7.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • 8Np
                                  • 05 Jan 2024

                                  Vixkywashere, 21 Dec 2023Does this phone has gorilla glass protection ?Gorilla 3, from 2012

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • YUf
                                    • 30 Dec 2023

                                    Don't buy this phone. No enough battery backup, heating too much, network issue while using dual sim option, while you attending call speaker caller can't hear your voice properly

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                                      • Aryan
                                      • rJ@
                                      • 27 Dec 2023

                                      When will get Android 14 update in motorola edge 40 neo?

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                                        • Kamal
                                        • CbI
                                        • 26 Dec 2023

                                        I purchased this mobile

                                        While receiving Mobile got dot sized paint removed near ejection pin point.

                                        First 4 days I faced heating issue, unable to keep with my hands.

                                        After that little bit reduced but not reduced completely.

                                        Within 2 days I requested replacement but not given.

                                        If u r always using in air conditioner room it's suitable for u directly buy it from moto website, otherwise it's heating iron box.