Motorola Edge 50 Pro review

GSMArena Team, 16 April 2024.

Design, build quality, handling

The sensorial experience continues after the unboxing too. A nicely grippy rear panel, coupled with curved edges front and back, make the Edge 50 Pro a joy to handle - a perception also fuelled by the handset's very reasonable size and weight.

Motorola Edge 50 Pro review

In our Luxe Lavender colorway as well as the Black Beauty variant (both Pantone-sanctioned names, of course) the back panel is made of a leather-like plastic, or silicone vegan leather. It's one of the softest implementations we've encountered and does indeed offer great grip while keeping fingerprints at bay. There's a third option called Moonlight Pearl, which has an off-white acetate panel with a matte treatment - each and every unit of these will have a unique texture on the back.

Motorola Edge 50 Pro colorways - Motorola Edge 50 Pro review Motorola Edge 50 Pro colorways - Motorola Edge 50 Pro review Motorola Edge 50 Pro colorways - Motorola Edge 50 Pro review
Motorola Edge 50 Pro colorways

The panel slopes up gently into a camera island, where the lenses stick out a little bit more. The island is offset to the side and that does make the phone wobble if you place it on a flat surface and start typing on it, for example. Also, the edges of the panel are just a bit scratchy where they meet the frame. Both are little more than minor annoyances though, and possibly only there in the minds of reviewers.

Motorola Edge 50 Pro review

Speaking of, the frame is made of aluminum and has a matte finish, color-matched to the rear panel. The physical controls are on the right side, and both the power key and the volume color are also metal, and click nicely too.

Motorola Edge 50 Pro review

Leatherette- or acetate-clad, the Edge 50 Pro is IP68-rated for dust and water resistance - it should survive for up to 30 minutes under 1.5m of water (in case of an accident, naturally - we wouldn't encourage you to willingly go ahead and dunk your phones in water). The display side, meanwhile, is protected by Gorilla Glass of some sort, but Motorola hasn't disclosed the exact version.

Motorola Edge 50 Pro review

The Edge 50 Pro features an underdisplay fingerprint sensor of the optical variety. We had no issues with its operation in terms of speed or reliability, though we'd have appreciated a higher placement.

Motorola Edge 50 Pro review

Reader comments

Most of the Things are good except audio. It lacks fine tune. I am also using Realme gt neo 5, that's audio quality is much better than Moto edge 50 pro.

never understood how samsung, with that urge to be androids iphone, could be interesting to anybody. awful UI, stupid preinstaled apps, boring design and overall mediocre image .. always take samsung as a brand that without any emotion. Had it once a...

  • Brian
  • 10 Jun 2024
  • K6X

I was not impressed with this phone bough it yesterday put it in draw this morning back to my samsung s23 ulter