Motorola Edge 50 Pro review

16 April 2024

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Most of the Things are good except audio. It lacks fine tune. I am also using Realme gt neo 5, that's audio quality is much better than Moto edge 50 pro.

    Brian , 10 Jun 2024I was not impressed with this phone bough it yesterday put ... morenever understood how samsung, with that urge to be androids iphone, could be interesting to anybody. awful UI, stupid preinstaled apps, boring design and overall mediocre image .. always take samsung as a brand that without any emotion. Had it once and that was the last time.

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      • Brian
      • K6X
      • 10 Jun 2024

      I was not impressed with this phone bough it yesterday put it in draw this morning back to my samsung s23 ulter

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        • 25 May 2024

        makomau, 15 May 2024No 4K/60FPS !!! Why Moto, why? Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 (4 nm) bu... moreYes, I'm pretty disappointed about this too. Not to mention any lack of slow motion. It makes me question the photo camera too...

          No 4K/60FPS !!! Why Moto, why? Snapdragon 7 Gen 3 (4 nm) but no 4k/60fps on a model from the Pro range. IT'S UNCONCEPTABLE!

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            • Kiril
            • SHp
            • 29 Apr 2024

            Anonymous, 27 Apr 2024Anything below 120hz is almost unusable for me these days. ... moreThat's only if you've had a 120 HZ phone before or have used one for longer,day to day it's not that big of a deal if you haven't had one before, there's even plenty of iPhones with 60HZ display.
            I would personally pick a great camera and a more capable processor rather than a 120 HZ display and an underwhelming camera quality

              Also, I'd have loved to get a wifi 7 and ufs 4.0, but we can't get those on any chipset below snap 8 gen 2. An LTPO would have been a treat too.

              That said, this is indeed the highest end phone you can get in India at this price (with a stock Android!)

                Also, the display protection is Gorilla Glass 5, according to Flipkart (Indian website similar to Amazon, which is also the only official 3rd party website authorised to sell the edge 50 pro)

                P.S: Flipkart doesn't mention the gorilla glass 5 in the specs, but you can see the mention in one of the advertised images of the product in the gallery on the same Flipkart page. (The advertisement was very likely made by the motorola guys and not by Flipkart itself)

                  Anonymous, 19 Apr 2024According to motorola UK website, it says Fusion has lpdd... moreLpddr4x indeed. Also, the display is LTPS (not LTPO) just like gsm reviewed. Also its "UFS 2.2c" (not UFS 2.2), probably some sort of moto-modified variant of 2.2, hence explaining the 3.1 like speeds in test results of reviewers.

                  Still a great phone at this price (in India) for people who want good specs with stock Android. Any other phone in the same price range that outdoes this one in specs, would be turned down either by it's IP rating or by it's OS (which would very likely be some custom UI (instead of stock Android) with a bootloader that would be impossible to unlock)

                    Anonymous, 24 Apr 2024May I ask which phone you are using right now? I'm als... moreI have an oppo find x5, personally other than the huawei p40 pro and galaxy s7 edge/huawei mate 10 pro, favourite phone of all time. Its haptic feedback is great, screen is enjoyable to use, hasnt failed me using dual sim with 5g concurrently at the same time, has great little shortcuts for flashlight, apps etc, google assistant only responds to my voice (dont know if all phones do this), have 360° NFC, my phone will hide notifications if im not directly looking at the screen (will hide infomation in popdown notifications unless im looking at the screen). So many other great festures too (i could go on for literal hours), before mt ex stole my charger i never worried about battery, 10 mins while having a shower, batter goes from 30%-80% easy, do you the day unless you're like me who literally uses your phone as a PC/laptop (can be using power saving and under 20% after a day but i do create music on my phone, run emulators, have 20+ apps running, web browser has about 80-90 tabs open, i have a vpn on and avast security, use tidal and youtube pretty much all day everyday plus edit worksheets and create flyers for my mates business on it.)

                    Also one of the nicest feeling and looking backs on the market in the black colour.

                    Dont get me wrong their will be better, I'd probably get a find x5 pro over this, maybe some motorola devices or some decent xioamis but personally and honestly, i couldnt recommend this device more if i tried (if a device is good, ill honestly say it like the gakaxy note 9 and galaxy s3 and s7 edge, i just love this phone)

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                      • 27 Apr 2024

                      Anonymous, 25 Apr 2024Why mention the near useless > 60 refresh rate and not m... moreAnything below 120hz is almost unusable for me these days. 60hz display responsiveness is so bad it feels sluggish just opening an app.

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                        • Kurito
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                        • 25 Apr 2024

                        As I use Edge 30 Pro before, all I can say is "Don't buy Moto phone". Ton of bugs after upgrade to Android 13 and no news for upgrade to Android 14 (They promise to upgrade to 14). Slowest update ever. No bug fix for year. Just security update every 2 months as they promise. They only care customer in China, not global. The real Moto is dead.

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                          • 25 Apr 2024

                          Why mention the near useless > 60 refresh rate and not mention that fast charging will destroy the battery much faster.

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                            • vGN
                            • 24 Apr 2024

                            Super Android 22, 18 Apr 2024Yeah i do agree, my phones essentially been my pocketable p... moreMay I ask which phone you are using right now? I'm also looking for something reliable that I can use for similar stuff...

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                              • Lowemon
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                              • 24 Apr 2024

                              Bob, 21 Apr 2024Yes, why 3.5mm stereo jack was removed from all ot the phonesBecause Apple demonstrated that manufacturers can sell millions of phones and increase revenue each year, even if they remove components from their phones, and then, the rest of manufacturers realized they can sell millions and save some money by removing the headphone jack and sd card slot.

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                                • krishna
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                                • 22 Apr 2024

                                there is heating issue in moto edge 50 pro....display and metal sides is getting hot even when browsing the phone.

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                                  • S37
                                  • 22 Apr 2024

                                  Bob, 21 Apr 2024Yes, why 3.5mm stereo jack was removed from all ot the phonesNot try true top phones have analog p output

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                                    • Bob
                                    • 0vP
                                    • 21 Apr 2024

                                    Anonymous, 20 Apr 2024If phone have got headphone audio 3.5mm jack then battery w... moreYes, why 3.5mm stereo jack was removed from all ot the phones

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                                      • 21 Apr 2024

                                      You need to stop judging the new launched phones against the MSRP because that price is not realistic! Leave the price aside for the market to form! Evaluate the phone, its functions, performance, quality of work, etc., and don't take the price into account because you don't know what price will be formed from market to market. The differences can be 100-200-300 euros, and then what?!

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                                        • Nikh
                                        • XWY
                                        • 20 Apr 2024

                                        Work on heating issue