Motorola Edge 50 Pro

Motorola Edge 50 Pro

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  • Raghuvarv
  • 7kp
  • 7 hours ago

Anonymous, 15 Jun 20244500mAh battery is disappointingBattery capacity does not matter. SOC optimization and software optimization matter. So does signal hunting minimization on wireless receivers. The Edge 50 Pro is well known for good battery life. 6 to 7 hours of SOT is commendable.

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    • Anonymous
    • X@V
    • 22 Jun 2024

    Anonymous, 15 Jun 20244500mAh battery is disappointing6hour sot available

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      • CoocooForCocoPuffs
      • sHw
      • 19 Jun 2024

      That new HTC U24 Pro is looking way spicer than this

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        • Anonymous
        • JH9
        • 15 Jun 2024

        4500mAh battery is disappointing

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          • Samarth
          • Pxh
          • 15 Jun 2024

          Been using it for a week, camera is good, performance is nice only downside is battery.

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            • somebody
            • tEf
            • 10 Jun 2024

            CamoGeko-XDA, 10 Jun 2024You can clearly judge by the price tag that this isn't... morePrice in Europe is mutch higher... it's close to €400 in asia

              makomau, 05 Jun 2024No 4K / 60fps on a device named PRO...and with this i say i... moreYou can clearly judge by the price tag that this isn't a pro device, it's a mid ranger at best.

              Motorola doesn't really know how to do flagships, the closest they've come to it is the ThinkPhone.

                Andres, 05 Jun 2024I can get this for around 300 USD in my country...should I ... moreGood deal, I would go for it.

                If it was selling for that price over here I would buy one, if only for the clean UI and sleek design.

                Even though I'm not a fan of curved displays at all, so bad that Motorola's best devices are curved.

                  You may believe me or not but I was in a private meeting of the brand for advisor training and they mentioned that the Gorilla Class version is 5

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                    • I See Good
                    • gjK
                    • 06 Jun 2024

                    USB Type-C 3.1, OTG, DisplayPort 1.4 - Is the only good think in this mid-ranger phone. This will allow moto connect (Ready for) usable via USB type C....

                    So don't complain anymore, try to find something good in this phone at it's price point.

                    Note: In AliExpress Xiaomi 14 (China Rom) cost less than $600 only... much much better than this phone.

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                      • Andres
                      • YWi
                      • 05 Jun 2024

                      I can get this for around 300 USD in my country...should I go for it guys?

                        No 4K / 60fps on a device named PRO...and with this i say it all.NO!

                          Bosa, 04 Jun 2024Motorola, if you could dive much into Styluses, there we�... moreThey do have the Moto Stylus series. But their availability is a bit scarce

                            darknight2121, 26 May 2024Camera wise which will be better Galaxy A55 or Moto Edge 50 Pro??Hey, I am not sure if you got your answer. But I did a quick comparison with my A55 and Moto Edge 50 pro at a showroom. I felt the Moto was better.

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                              • Bosa
                              • NiB
                              • 04 Jun 2024

                              Motorola, if you could dive much into Styluses, there we'd have back the Galaxy Notes!
                              I really miss them!!

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                                • Huan
                                • 0Ur
                                • 04 Jun 2024

                                Hi, this phone receive updates for camera and system improvements? Or just security updates? I have Motorola G82 and G84 only security updates received. No camera or system improvements.

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • 6It
                                  • 01 Jun 2024

                                  Anonymous, 03 May 2024Any heating issue while using daily basic task??? Any lag???No, it didn't. I did a reset before setting up the device and didn't restored old devices settings and apps only call logs and messages. Phone did feels warm to touch in first two days after that it's normal. No, UI lag until now.

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 6It
                                    • 01 Jun 2024

                                    rakesh0991, 02 May 2024is the proximity sensor physical one or virtual only?Physical

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 2Ad
                                      • 01 Jun 2024

                                      rainman, 29 May 2024The telephoto camera is only a 2.68x zoom not a 3xGood device

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                                        • Duchess
                                        • JFj
                                        • 31 May 2024

                                        Anil, 30 May 2024This phone compatable esim?Yes