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  • 3 hours ago

Anonymous, 24 Jun 2024It is a curved screen. Of course there will be plenty of ha... moreThe Edge 20 Pro does not have a curved screen. I'm sad that the new ones have :(

    I have had this phone for 2 weeks and I have some screen issues: there are 2 black horizontal lines on the screen, that are visible especially when the screen is off, but in some light conditions when the screen is on also. I can still return it to the store I bought it from but I love this phone and I would love a new one that is not faulty.
    Has anyone heard about this type of isses with Edge 50 Ultra phones? Is it a common problem or is this isolated?

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      • Anonymous
      • vGN
      • 13 Jul 2024

      What is the maximum number of unique fingerprints that you can add in the Edge 50 Ultra?

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        • s8a
        • 12 Jul 2024

        how was the performance who are using this phone and any heating issue or lag observed?

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          • tT1
          • 11 Jul 2024

          this one or edge 50 pro ? which is recommended for daily task

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            • ang
            • 09 Jul 2024

            Anonymous, 05 Jul 2024I was seriously considering buying this phone (it was in my... moreSame price Xiaomi 14, better option

              Zoltan, 06 Jul 2024This is my problem too. I shared my experience about my xpe... moreIt is not confined to phones,

              The Nikon 1 range of compact cameras was criticised, and effectively killed off, for only having a 1" sensor, yet now a phone is praised for having a camera with a same sized sensor.

                TerryM, 28 Jun 2024How many critics of the phone have actually used one?This is my problem too. I shared my experience about my xperia and people who never touched one started trolling because they saw the phones spec sheet and they thought they knew everything. Annoying

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                  • Hyder Ali
                  • 3@D
                  • 05 Jul 2024

                  Can I use nano sim and esim at the same time

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                    • Anonymous
                    • vGN
                    • 05 Jul 2024

                    I was seriously considering buying this phone (it was in my shopping cart), but unfortunately I have dropped my plan for the following reasons -

                    1. Motorola seems to be delaying with the software updates for its previous generation Edge phones and Razr phones. Also there are reports of multiple software bugs on every major OS update. This seems disheartening when they are charging a premium price.

                    2. Several users are complaining about camera lag and also heating while performing simple daily tasks. They experience that the thermal throttling seems aggressive which causes lags and stutters.

                    3. Handling this phone with the curved screen edges can cause miss-touches and seems unintuitive for anyone who is used to flat screens.

                    Now, I'm thinking about going for either the Samsung Galaxy A55 or maybe next year's A56. Can you suggest some other alternatives please?

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                      • Anonymous
                      • IbG
                      • 30 Jun 2024

                      Anonymous, 26 Jun 2024Battery power is very low Only 4500 mah4300 mah - 5000 mah is standard.

                        How many critics of the phone have actually used one?

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                          • VFanRJ
                          • jqe
                          • 27 Jun 2024

                          I'll be most interested to see what improvements they've made with the camera.

                          I have a 2022 plus, it's a powerful phone, but the camera isn't on the same tier as the Samsung's flagship.

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                            • CbG
                            • 26 Jun 2024

                            Battery power is very low
                            Only 4500 mah

                              Push, 25 Jun 2024Even I am using the Edge 30 ultra but just for minor specs ... moreMotorola clearly has no clue how to make a flagship.

                                SpyroticGoose697, 20 Jun 2024- €900 - Where's LTPO?💀 - Where's HDR Support i... moreAt a 600€ higher price found in the S24 Ultra
                                (1TB version as the 1TB moto version is 900€)

                                  Push, 25 Jun 2024Even I am using the Edge 30 ultra but just for minor specs ... moreWhat matters in a camera is mostly the sensor size, not the resolution.

                                  For our Edge 30U, the 1/1.22 Sensor size is carrying it, not the 200MP resolution.

                                  But if we vrop to 3Times. We have 22.2MP on am 1/3.66 Sensor.

                                  Which is almost 4 Times smaller than the 1/2
                                  64MP periscope at 3 Times. (And almost exactly 3 times the resolution).

                                  It obviously results in 3-4 times in detail as well.

                                  As just the main sensor, is about equal.

                                  The Edge 50U having F/1.6 so it is slightly better at low light with an marginally smaller sensor.

                                  And when zooming, it can do 2 Times with the main cam anyway, with better results at night.

                                  (Also the edge 30U uses its 200MP camera as an 12.5MP one except you go in 200MP mode 50MP mode, or specifically record in 8K then it also 50MP.

                                  Video recording in 4K60 will result in just cropping into an 12.5 MP sensor.

                                  It's still a good camera but what the edge 50U does is just way better.

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                                    • Push
                                    • xjH
                                    • 25 Jun 2024

                                    Fa14bi, 20 Jun 2024I have the edge 30Ultra and what are you talking about. ... moreEven I am using the Edge 30 ultra but just for minor specs tweek I don't think it's worth upgrade. Camera upgrade and IP 68 rating that's the only plus point I think Edge 50 ultra has. 64 mp periscope is equivalent to Edge 30 ultra main 200 mp sensor. SD 8S Gen 3 at price point of 60k INR?? Even IQOO 12 with less price and better hardware and specs is giving SD 8Gen 3. Motorola needs to step up their game by actually giving Flagship chipset and Higher camera resolution. They have improved alot in past 2 yrs but their software update policy still falls behind many other brands.

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                                      • Maya
                                      • DxV
                                      • 24 Jun 2024

                                      The camera setup looks like Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra but without a tiny screen

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • vGN
                                        • 24 Jun 2024

                                        Darth Caesium, 22 Jun 2024It's literally a 6.7" screen with a tiny width. Y... moreIt is a curved screen. Of course there will be plenty of handling issues like extra touches, non-responsive multi-touches, lack of grip while clicking photos and many more such things. Another issue is privacy in public spaces since people can easily see the content on the edges of the display. If the Edge series had flat screens I would buy either the 50 Pro or Ultra in a heartbeat (but I understand that Edge means the USP is the curved display)...