Motorola Edge 50 Ultra

Motorola Edge 50 Ultra

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Anonymous, 19 Apr 2024It has micro sd slot i must be blind coz i can't see it

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    • Anonymous
    • nU2
    • 20 Apr 2024

    No point buying this when no headphone jack

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      • innuendo
      • mh8
      • 20 Apr 2024

      mime, 19 Apr 2024For a flagship at this price, thats ships with snap 8s gen ... moreabsolutely

        Anonymous, 20 Apr 2024Crapp-O-led I want excellent ips LCD display panel now!You want crushed blacks and bad battery from a LCD display? Shut the hell up you elitist

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          • Anonymous
          • Sr6
          • 20 Apr 2024

          Anonymous, 16 Apr 2024Small battery No SD card No audio jack Crapp-O-led

          I want excellent ips LCD display panel now!

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            • Anonymous
            • N$x
            • 20 Apr 2024

            Cpt.Power, 18 Apr 2024CLOUD???? No i am speaking about a reali existing phone an... moreI've seen you expressing your seemingly, hatred, for SD cards for quite some time... What I, and I think a lot of other people don't understand, is why you would care that the phone absolutely doesn't come with the capability to use one? You don't need to buy one and use it, and the inclusion of the physical hardware soldered on the mainboard literally can't slow down the hardware if there is nothing in that slot. If it did, then every PC would be a snail, with all their available ports.

            It doesn't take any extra space that would take away from any other feature in the phone, including the battery or the camera if they would just design the phone properly to accommodate it, which many have done. I don't understand the hatred for having more features in a phone, especially a flagship which is supposed to be "no compromise". It also can't affect the price in any meaningful way when tons of midrange and entry phones have it, and you know the profit margins on those aren't going to be great. Not with all the competition they have.

            Yet, you seem to really, really hate the idea that someone else might use a technology that literally doesn't affect you if you don't manually go and install hardware in your phone to use it. Why? Being annoyed by other user opinions about wanting it? Maybe that means that there is still a huge demand for something you don't use, but doesn't affect you if you don't use it... What's with that?

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              • mime
              • CAq
              • 19 Apr 2024

              For a flagship at this price, thats ships with snap 8s gen 3 doesnt make sense. You can get great phones like s24 plus or iphone 15 pro with better performance. BUT they nailed the design and 125 WATT CHARGER which is crazy.

                Idk, 18 Apr 2024Soc different na broNeither does the S23U have 125W charging, 50W wireless or a Charger in the box.

                So yeah, the Moto just give you other things on top in exchange for a slightly weaker APU

                  Suresh R Nair, 19 Apr 2024After seeing the specs of edge 50U, my immediate reaction w... moreNot for lesser price as thise phones only costs less in lower storage variations, the 1000€ on the Motorola goes for 1TB + 16GB

                    RemytimeLive, 19 Apr 2024there are 3 varients and the starting price for the lesser ... moreIt was saying 999€ on Multiple german websites, including Motorolas own german website for 1TB/ 16GB

                    One Motorolas website the 1TB/16GB was also the only option to get for some reason so far.

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                      • RemytimeLive
                      • 6Cp
                      • 19 Apr 2024

                      Fa14bi, 18 Apr 2024Reminder that the 1TB /16GB Variant of the phone starts at... morethere are 3 varients and the starting price for the lesser varient is +$1k usd.

                        aknsreddy, 18 Apr 2024Doesn't matter we still need big battery like 6000mah No, you don't. Having a big battery doesn't necessarily promise excellent endurance. It definitely helps, but the chipset's battery management has the biggest impact. Take the iPhone 15 Plus and Pro Max for example. 4383mAh on the 15 Plus, 4441mAh on the Pro Max and their battery life is excellent, top-of-the-line. I'm not saying that a 6000mAh wouldn't help. It definitely will, but you got to keep in consideration the battery management of the chipset, as well.

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                          • lord
                          • A{L
                          • 19 Apr 2024

                          is the sd trolling will stop soon ?
                          like wth ???
                          want buy dont want dont buy !

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                            • Anonymous
                            • JUT
                            • 19 Apr 2024

                            1000USD price tag for a phone with a downgraded SoC.
                            And don't think it's a small downgrade: Adreno 735 is literally half as powerful as Adreno 750, and the CPU part is also around last gen performance.

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                              • Suresh R Nair
                              • 7k3
                              • 19 Apr 2024

                              After seeing the specs of edge 50U, my immediate reaction was to buy it. But once I came to know about the price, I wanted to keep myself away from it as I found it to be stupid.
                              We have Samsung S24 plus, vivo x100 pro, Xiaomi 14 ultra and iqoo 12 pro all for lesser price with better specs..
                              If we keep IP 68 aside, we have iqoo 12, oneplus 12, xiaomi 14 pro(ip 68), oppo find X 7 etc too which all have better specs.

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                                • Anonymous
                                • vGN
                                • 19 Apr 2024

                                Any word on the regions this phone would be available in? Would it release in India?

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • LkB
                                  • 19 Apr 2024

                                  It has micro sd slot

                                    IQ200, 17 Apr 2024You mean Cloud? Thank you, but no thank you. I want to have... moreCLOUD????
                                    No i am speaking about a reali existing phone anyone can buy which comes with 11TB disk space.
                                    Maaaaaan get out from your dark cave in dark era to a light of a modern fast pacing quickly moving and evolving world.
                                    Your ancient archaic dark stone age options are no longed interesting.

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                                      • Idk
                                      • X$M
                                      • 18 Apr 2024

                                      Fa14bi, 18 Apr 2024The Galaxy S23U in 1TB /12GB Variant currently costs 1400€ ... moreSoc different na bro

                                        Anonymous, 17 Apr 20241000 EUR for this? How much is Samsung s23 ultra The Galaxy S23U in 1TB /12GB Variant currently costs 1400€

                                        The Edge 50U 1TB/16GB Variant is 1000€, so it's 400€ cheaper than the S23U