Motorola Edge S

Motorola Edge S

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Upper written 4500mah, under specifications 5000mah

  • Anonymous

Wtf.. I can't use this. I'm below 175cm heigh and my hands are small. Give me 155mm phone in heigh max

This price is to good to be true...

Why this phone has 6k video?

I don't mind the LCD screen as it is more reliable than an OLED screen. The dual wide and ultrawide front camera is definitely a welcome addition as not many phones out there has this kind of configuration. But I'm sorry, two depth sensor in a phone is a big NO-NO for me! I see absolutely no reason to have either the normal depth sensor or the 3D ToF sensor at all. It's not like that it will be helpful for photography when there is no telephoto camera at all.

For 250$ ..specs are dope

SD 870, 90Hz, 64 mp, 5000 mah and 250EUR?????WHAT?