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  • Anonymous

I have had three Moto em330,not the 28, but they are very close. Has Motorola company admitted to a design flaw to the right hinge yet? Mine, my son's & a friends all have the same problem. The right hinge will not last. Two came from Walmart/AT&T;one from AT&T and then a replacement from AT&T. The friend's was a hand-me-down. Are others having the same hinge problems? Other than that, I liked the phone because of the crisp voice quality, since I am hearing impaired. There were some issues with the texting, but not big.

  • cj38

This is without a doubt, the WORST phone Moto. has ever put on the market! The day I got it, (actually still at the sales desk) the salesman dropped it. It fell about 3 inches and landed in the box it came in, but not only did the battery cover fly off, but the battery popped out. That was only the first of about 200 times that this has happened. Within a week of buying it, the hinge-point broke on the right side of the phone...After gluing it together (my provider said they don't cover "physical damage") it decided to start breaking somewhere that I hadn't glued it yet. My phone has a sticker on the back with EM28 stamped on it. I was told by my provider, basically that I can't read and that it's a U9. Well it's not a U9! If anyone is having these problems, please post on here and maybe something can be done about these P.O.S. phones. Thanks

  • cj38

Anonymous, 06 Sep 2009Please give me a code to unlock a Motorola EM28 i really ca... moreNoone CAN give you a code to unlock any phone that has been locked to a certain provider, ie: AT&T, T-Mobile, etc. You have to cal Customer Support with that phones provider and ask (very politely) if you can get the unlock code for the specific phone you are talking about. You need the IMEI number that is unique for the phone in question. I've had about 8 to 10 phones unlocked from AT&T, but it's all in the way that you talk to them, or perhaps in the reason you give them for unlocking it!

  • babyj

this phone sucks i have it 4 2 weeks now and the back keep fallin
the pics sucks
but it make a gud mirro thats it

  • jin

warning !!!!!! hinges on this phone is easy to broke

  • EM28 owner

I have a black line running across my outer screen almost to the top of the digital clock. Is this suppose to be or is this a manufacturer's defect. Does anyone have this same thing or is it just me.

  • Andrew

I recently discovered this model is NOT SUPPORTED by Motorola Phone Tools, so you CANNOT backup your contacts, calendar events or SMS with that software. I think amost any other Motorola phone is supported by that application... What a pity.

  • jenny

i have this this phone em28 and it is not a very good phone i have went through 3 of the in the last 4 months and they all have dont he same thing and the settings for the picture messaging will not stay in the phone, have to turn it off and on all the time in order to recieve them and send them. ANYONE ELSE HAVE THIS PROBLEM WITH THE PHONE

  • Panxo

I really LOVE the design! I'm very into 80's fashion and this phone looks really nice. I also like the color, its kinda warm. The hour on the outter screen is amazing! So useful!. Idk why u guys don't like it. I'm a 17 yr male and i don't think it's for old people or kids. It's very nice, easy to use and fashionable. Btw, the touch keys are soo awesome!

  • Anonymous

joni G, 12 Jan 2010I've only had this phone a little more than a month and the... moreMotorola has identified this device as having a design flaw affecting the hinge. So yes, the hinge is prone to breaking. However, this issue is still warrantable.

  • Lucky Flaush

I have this phone. Avoid it, is really fragile. The soft is too slow, the response is very slow. You will never be able to download/install themes, browser for it doesnt exist (like Opera, etc) it is not compatible.

The battery life is very good from 4-6 days with medium calls.

The camera is very bad. You will never be able to make a clear photo or to record a proper video clip.
All photos look blury.

Accesibility is good, this phone it has only what is really necessary.

10/10 Starz for the clear sound while talking on phone. But the speaker is annoing when you play music.

Overall I give 6/10 for this phone and I hope that I will have money soon to buy another telephone...

  • Xaviel

i had that phone for a while and the front screen get broken without any explanation... the phone have good features but the desing of the phone make it a unresistent phone....

  • joni G

I've only had this phone a little more than a month and the hinge has broken. Prior to that I liked the phone with one exception, the volume control and camera on buttons are in the way of where one would hold the phone while talking. Listeners get beeps and the camera gets turned on - very distracting.

  • aaron

this phone gOod or nt???need some comment about this phone...pls???

  • Andrés

bin, 04 Dec 2009hi, does it has multiple alarms? tnxYes, up to 5. And it can ring with any saved sound or the radio.

  • bin

hi, does it has multiple alarms? tnx

  • ryan

Anonymous, 11 Aug 2009can you download themes for it??? how many messages can it ... moreOk i have one of these. they cool but can only hold about 700 messages. I had to delete one to receive another.

  • Darko

Can any one help me i.m trying to to setup the Internet on manual but i do not know how can any one give me some help or write down the setings

  • Alejandro

hey i got this phone and its very cool mine is color red instead of that girlish blue and i haven´t any problem with it... its speaker is very cool it got a good sound quality =)

  • Gadget Expert

Good concept (integrated music player and phone); terrible execution. The hinge is made of thin plastic and easily breaks. Lot of reports of this problem on the net (search "EM330 broken hinge").