Motorola EM30

Motorola EM30

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  • Anonymous

You should buy the em30 the audio quality is the BEST
I have this phone and it works perfectly with no problems

  • Kuldeep

It's nice one!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • kalpesh

classic in its range.... i am using it more than 2.5years but still i like to use it ... sound is owes om with head phone...........

  • Anonymous

I have been using this phone for 2 and a half years now (bought in December 2008), and have been pretty much satisfied with it. I bought it at Rs 8,500 and it hasn't disappointed me as a music phone.

Pros:- The music player with dedicated music keys, music ID, and battery life (lasts 2 days on an average till now).


1)It lags, and I've only got a 2 GB memory card installed...god knows how much it'll lag with the maximum of 8 GB possible.

2) The sound of the speaker as well as the earphone is low, and the earphone gave difficulties while calling (no problems on the other side though). However, the sound QUALITY is descent; only the "QUANTITY" of sound you get is low.

Overall Verdict:- Good buy.

  • Raj

Can we install gtlak on this mobile?... If yesl please let me konw the link or methdology... Thnaks

  • amit bhure

this mobile very good . i know their is few problems like problem read & write java appl. but if we flash with modded firmware this mobile r function & performance r very good motorola EM30 is like rocker mobile in range of 6000 rs i will give 8/10

  • ria

i've been using this phone for almost 2 years now and i can say that it has functioned pretty well...however, the housing really looks not much of a very careful user i guess...where can i purchase a housing for my phone? anybody?thank you

  • Anonymous

DICE, 15 Apr 2011@ replier.I have no idea wen it released but i have it for... morebtw, i have my moto rockr for 2 years now and i would like to ask where you got/purchased the housing from? thank you

  • DICE

@ replier.I have no idea wen it released but i have it for 5 yrs IT BESS DAN !!!! I have it right in front of me right now i recently changed the housing to a new one so lets see if it will make 10 yrs.

  • ajeez

nice mobile

  • Srikanth.S

Hi,im going to sale this Motorola EM30 >> Bought in Viveks Unlimited Shop >> With Bill >> 3Months Warranty >> Latest Firmware updated >>

Key Points:
1.Not even a single scratch
2.Original accessories,Headset,Battery,Box,Charger,Data Cable,Memory Card,Memroy Card Reader..
3.Mobile Fully laminated,So prblm when it is used in Dust,Rain..
4.Extra with airlock headset (MAXX Company)

Reason for Selling is, Im going to Motorola Charm.But i really miss this handset..Im frm India,Tamilnadu..Really sad,but wat to do..No 3G,Wi-Fi..Thats why.. You can also contact me in 9095990129 ..E-mail Id ::

Price :: 3000 Rs nly.. I bought for 5000Rs.. Whoever interested can contact me and buy this very Cute Mobile.

My review of this Mobile:
1.WOW,Excellent Music Quality.You will be addicted to use this mobile.Sound experince is Sky high.. 3D Stereo Highlights is very Good.Also,Video playback can support MP4 Also.. Battery stands for 1.5 days for normal Use.. Any one can contact Me...

  • replier

Dice, 15 Feb 2011I have dis phone fuh 5 yearz and it taking licks like peas ... more5 years. So you bought this phone BEFORE it was released???

  • Dice

I have dis phone fuh 5 yearz and it taking licks like peas it strung and bess featurez dis phone worth meh $450 dollars.I recomend dis to anyone.

  • Dreamers

Great phone actually my first phone..
Everything is great accept a bit small screen size..
Moddshift technology is the best part..
You can swear that it has no keypad just having a look at it...
Great gamming experience but internet gamming isn't good...
And the best part it's os linus 2.2 montavista is just like android no viruses. ..
Sleeck looks and gud 1st experience. ......
You can upgrade its software.. .

  • Anonymous

how to do setting for video streaming? Plz cn anybody tell me

  • Coenie

Scroll down on the following link to see it's OS, LiMo:

  • Coenie

RishiGuru, 30 Dec 2010One of the best phones ever made buy Motorola, offbeat styl... moreI bought this phone a 1 yr & 3mnths ago and the pc board ceased in the first 3 mnths. I never used till 3 months ago when I decided to go take it for repairs which was free, never mind the warranty which was 2 years at purchase, opposed to Motorola's current warranty which is 1 yr.

I also had a Motorola V100 as my very first phone. Something which is very funny is that the Motorola phones I've owned has this out the box smell, quite pleasant, almost like new tennis balls. :+>

  • Anonymous

Just got myself this EM30, and got rid of the LG KP500. The EM30 does video streaming and the KP500 didnt. I am so happy to be reunited with Motorola once again.... I wanted to get myself the XT720 but my financial status didnt permit, but i couldnt be more happier with my EM30. IT ROCKS!!!

  • RishiGuru

One of the best phones ever made buy Motorola, offbeat style, very flashy, eye catching, slick, slim. Any one two years ago will buy them for style statement only.

But, EM30 is not only about style since it uses excellent quality of materials, "out of the world" audio quality, superb screen, powerful hardware & posses exceptional build quality not to mention the best price/ performance ratio two years ago.

I juggle between my ZN5 & EM30 to listen music preferring the later since it is a notch above the former.

ZN5 beats the EM30 over the rest of the features & is a better all rounder that EM30.

  • Anonymous

Nahid Kawser, 02 Dec 2010I'm interested to buy this phone. Can anyone kindly tell m... more7000 nepalies rs