Motorola EX115

Motorola EX115

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  • Renga

I like moto EX115

  • sujit

Thank's for launching first time dual phone With Quatery key. thank u moto.

  • S.M.B

Gutdeer, 03 Aug 2010Crap are right!(just like you)

  • motofan219

when will this be out in the uae market? hope it would be soon.

  • Anonymous

ex115 is duel sim .

  • Gutdeer

Crap Looking.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Jul 20102and i love this phone design this is my favorite design too
realy nice phone
im waiting for this one

  • Anonymous

very well
i want this phone

  • Anonymous

i love this phone design

  • hadi

realy nice phone
well done moto