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Motorola FlipOut

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  • Orel

hi ,
what is the last official android version for this phone ?

  • wabbit

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2013Do you know where can I buy this phone? I am in the Philippines.I bought 2 new in box on ebay.

  • wabbit

Anonymous, 03 Sep 2013Do you know where can I buy this phone? I am in the Philippines.I bought 2 new in box on ebay.

  • Anonymous

Do you know where can I buy this phone? I am in the Philippines.

  • fz

2.3.7 available now
Love the unique design that distinguishes itself
Moto should definitely release a flipout-2 and I'm gonna buy it

  • mhon

and i had my phone moto flipout... SYTEM UPDATED>>>> its a nice phone...loud music...but the problem of this is the camera its not just that samsung or C.M or local brand..but its still nice because of the design and easy txting...

  • mhon

i love this phone very much...lots of apps..and nice qwerty type keyboard smooth touching...if u want this phone i probably say get 1 of this its has a unique design..lots of my friends love this...and fast access in it guys..

  • pari

Anonymous, 10 Feb 2013Hello everyone, As you can see im not an english person so i am... morehad my flitout since 2 years but its sd card dont wrk so no espace at all ,i just love it koz its design

  • nana boy66

worst phone ever, it frezzest up every time u play music the screen is super small

  • ckizzlem

its very slow still own it i cant even update the android systam this phone sucks i have a new one now its a sony so much better then the motorola flipout

  • AnonD-145080

God, I really wished they would make another one like this one, just a little bit updated. The shape is perfect, everybody ask me what it is when they see it and everybody likes how it looks. It has a great keyboard, the touchscreen response is very smooth, and the music experience is awesome, the sound is very clear and very loud, with the provided headphones. It has just 2 major problems:1. the outdated android version who does not allow to download apps on the memory card, and that s*cks, cause the the phone memory is full with just 10 apps. 2. If you don;t hold it right, you can hang up with your face, I don;t know why that keeps happening and it's very annoying. Oh, and flash for the camera would be nice. Anyway, I tryied also a samsung galaxy i9000 and sony xperia ray, and they had a lot of problems, and the sound quality was crap, the lack of keyboard is disturbing, so I keep selling them and returning to this little one :) Please make another one like this Motorola!

  • long time user

Had this phone for a few years I've gone through a Sony Ray, Defy and a Samsung Galaxy, but I keep coming back to the Flipout.
The specs are outdated but no other phone can match it for compact size and easy fit in the pocket but still able to do what the newer phones can, I'm using the Flipout to write this at the moment, just wish they would bring out an upgraded version of the software and hardware but keep the size the same then I wouldn't bother with any other type of phone.

  • bblusha

I think this phone is great.I have it for 2 years and is awesome.It fell on concrete and granit floor and is still working and in good shape,so I recommend it:)

  • kahool

is it good or not....i saw all the comments and complains....i just like this phone bz of the design...

  • Anonymous

can this download instagram? I am trying to download instagram on this, bit I can't get through..

  • fati

is this set available in pakistan..?? i want this set pin pack .

  • Anonymous

I have a problem about the OS. I have Android 2.1 but there is no Market in my phone :) where can i find it ? there is any solitions that problem ?

  • vuyo

Sucharita , 23 Jan 2013It don't support Skype talk.I think it cn skype buddy I download it on my foun bt nw strange when I want to skype with my frends videocalling doesn't show

  • Anonymous

Hello everyone,
As you can see im not an english person so i am sorry for bad writting.
Does work for this type a memory card like micro-sdHC?
I tried to search that using google search but no succes>

  • Charles.yo

Hi , ihave had this phone it was working fine until one day my my charger was lost .. so i searched the internet on how to charge your phone with any charger and i think that stuffed up the phone? now everytime i charge my phone(with a normal charger now) i plug it in and then it comes up with the battery and a question mark on it . you cant access anything just the question mark comesup, and when itake it off charge it doesnt turn on, how can i fix this??