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  • Anonymous

I wanna buy this phone, i have some questions for those who have it, please only answer if u had it: is the battery so awful? Does apndroid fixes the problem? Is the old version of os effecting so much? Does it freeze alot and stop working? Is the resolution good? Am i able to send/recieve files by bluetooth?

  • shine60

can motorola MB511 flipout be used from africa to usa ?

  • Mike

Hello users, a quick question, i just bought this phone and I think the images are quite pixelated they almost seem blurry. Is that normal ? please reply as I need to decide whether to return it or not. Thanks.

  • Meoff

Can I update Android to higher version, coz i've heard this possibility is blocked ((

  • Pani

patience , 14 Feb 2012i was going trough d phone an accidentally touched something and... morethe home button is defaultly set to to activate voice commands. So when u accidently touch it twice it opens it. So to disable it got to settings > applications > Double tap home launch. Then select whatever you want to. If you select camera. whenever u double click the home screen camera will open. All the best.

  • gosho_gazara

does anyone know why when im trying to use the navigation it always appears msg "Google maps navigation is not yet avaiable in this location" and i have option only for directions instead of voice navigator?i have already upgraded the version of google maps to the latest avaiable on Android market

  • kazper

As for me. I love using the flipout. it just depends on how you use it and how you use the apps to make the batt last longer. Its better to shut to 3g off with APN Swith app. Use the task killer to to save some more juice.

  • R

Anonymous, 21 Apr 2012is it sold in kuwait???yes, it's available in kuwait. you can find it in carrefour.i think it's around 50KD or less.

  • aobeeshaw

Babs, 26 Apr 2012I have been having the phone for nearly 2 years and I must say t... moreAv not gotten 3G network since i started using it. Am so pissed with dis phone.

  • bb

Can I Have the phones user manual in english please

  • homosapian

this phone is no good..too small, too painful...

  • jibu jibin

can I buy this mobile?????

  • Babs

I have been having the phone for nearly 2 years and I must say that this phone is style over substance. The performance of this phone was fine for the better part of the first 6 months. Then the problems and glitches started making its presence.
* Freezes frequently.
* Crashes and restarts often
* Poor signal reception
* Dropped calls
* Occasional touchscreen glitch
* Average battery life
* No update to existing 2.1 by Motorola to fix the glitches
* Overheating after long duration calls or running apps
* Slow clock speed of only 600 Mhz
* Poor camera and video quality
* Overpriced
* Good build quality
* Standout design
* Tactile keyboard
* UI is good for the most part
* Portability

  • Jas

Anonymous, 08 Dec 2011I Wanna Buy This phone so Baad !! But I heard that the battery L... moreYeah that is very TRUE

  • Anna

Okay, I have had this phone for a year now. Believe me, you will get annoyed of it very easily if you don't have some plans to work with it. This phone is laggy, slow, irritating and frustrating. I just now find out that the battery is totally burned out and I can't deal with it anymore. It doesn't have enough memory on it to let you deal with apps. Overall, the phone has been a pain in the ass. No matter how cute and nice it is. I can't even find a case for it!

  • Rich

Do not buy this phone! I was pleased with this phone until about three months after purchase when it began overheating, not loading texts, frequently crashing, freezing and not bring able to answer calls. There is a reason this phone fell steeply in price, don't be fooled by specs apps are incredibley laggy. Please take this advice and do not buy this phone.

  • samuel

is it upgradeable to android 2.2 froyo??

  • rodluizpant

I've been wanting this one for a long time and i'm finaly buying it :-)

  • Anonymous

Ivana, 13 Apr 2012I'm using it right now. It has market and so much more great app... moreis it sold in kuwait???

  • gffxdxxd

are android in romana