Motorola L6

Motorola L6

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  • Otino

Hello moto
Awesome phone

  • Parveen

My first mobile..And love it

  • Anonymous

My first ever phone n will never forget the experience

  • Andy

best phone I ever had for basics, using bluetooth was fun. Only upgraded this to smartphone in 2011. realised I was paying for data I could never use on the L6 - LOL

  • Andy

Loved this phone most out of all for the experience ditching the boring black rectangle smartphone and endless data checking apps from 2019 and ordered on of these I know it isn't as good but I think I was happier in 2006!

Rafiq Ally, 08 Jul 2018Just found one lying in the cupboard. Beautiful even today.... morestill. so. beautiful!

Just found one lying in the cupboard. Beautiful even today. Small, light and perfect for just calls.

  • kie

Anyone know where i can get a driver? i found my old one but the screen broken and i want to get the photos off! HELP ME PLEASE

  • Anonymous

The Motorola L6 can support playback MP3, AAC and MP4 files as the Motorola V360 of which share same software platform.

  • Anonymous

Peyvand, 10 Nov 2014Try Motorola PC Suite (for PC).How can use all operator in ksa

  • Another old codger

BobG, 19 Oct 2016I have two. Bought 2007. Now used as a back up to iphone. ... moreyou can find it here

  • BobG

I have two. Bought 2007. Now used as a back up to iphone.
So long since used I cannot remember or work out how to update/delete my Contact List.
Cannot find a user manual.
From a retired old codger

  • Anonymous

Nice phone.features I most like.
Alarm clock with multiple alarm.
Bluetooth I always keep turned on,no battery issues due to Bluetooth.bluetooth sign turns on only when it's connected to headset/car Bluetooth.
Birthday reminders I set 10 years ago are still active.
It's always ready when I want to call.not like my Samsung Galaxy which keeps me waiting until it wants.
Anyone knows any smartphone with above features then pls suggest.

  • AnonD-90122

Just got one off Ebay $10. Had to round up an official Motorola charger for it to charge. Almost thought it was a lemon because all my normal charger did not work on it. It is a great flashback phone to use until my Nexus 6 comes in or my Atrix HD gets unlocked. It is an old Cingular phone so I had to look up the WAP setting for Tmobile and install Opera Mini. I am going to mainly use it when I leave the country and go overseas for good in the Caribbean.

  • Anonymous

sue, 25 Dec 2014I had the same problem. Got a new battery fro ebbay for 450... more450 bucks !!!!!

usb cables can be data only- do you have a data cable not a charge one ?

  • AnonD-392408

RHONYAJE, 25 Apr 2014I had this phone in 2006 and sold it while in problems< ... moreIf you want I have one here, almost like a new one - used not more than 3 months. I can sell it. Try to find me -

  • sue

Anonymous, 19 Mar 2013I am unable to charge my L6. I dont know why ? first I thou... moreI had the same problem. Got a new battery fro ebbay for 450 bucks.It doesn't get charged too. Don't know problem with phone or battery.Any ideas guys?

  • Peyvand

Why just everyone has lost this phone?! =)

  • Peyvand

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2013It's great phone. I need software. where i found...?Try Motorola PC Suite (for PC).

  • Peyvand

pummice, 06 Jul 2013Does anyone know where I can get the software to download t... moreTry Motorola PC Suite.