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Motorola L6

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I had this phone in 2006 and sold it while in problems< but I still cry for my phone, but I cant find one of this type here...............oh my nice phone

  • AnonD-228443

I bought this phone on 2006, I still have it but the battery door no longer there xD

  • AnonD-243114

My uncle gave me this phone when he was done using it. It was awesome. I would always make little tones on there. I also listened to the ones preinstalled on it. I mainly used it as an alarm clock though.

  • AnonD-226435

This is my first phone.
amazing & very great phone.
I like it

  • Anonymous

Its an amazing phone, still trying to learn its features.Love it.

  • luke

gra8 phone with metallic body ,since 2006 i use it . such type of phone are rare in these days.

  • G

Gorgeous phone, had it for years, but it woke up yesterday morning with no phonebook memory other than stuff stored to SIM. Any ideas? G

  • pummice

Does anyone know where I can get the software to download the photos from my L6 to my pc?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2013It's great phone. I need software. where i found...?Motorola phone tools will work with this. I believe you can source it for free these days.

  • Anonymous

I am unable to charge my L6. I dont know why ? first I thought there is a problem with my charger, changed it but now my cell starts when I plug it in n shows "searching for network" n "low battery" sign n switches off automatically ! I am not a smartphone girl so please do help me !

  • jackie

This is good phone . the memory is only 10kb i want extend its memory atleast 1gb .It is possible ?

  • Anonymous

It's great phone. I need software. where i found...?

  • santhu

Dn, 28 Dec 2012I've had it 8 years now. Says it all really.i have it now.. but i need some accessories.. where can i find them???

  • Dn

I've had it 8 years now.

Says it all really.

  • jackie

it is a great phone.i till using it i bought it in 2008. it is a old phone but it works very fast the battery gives a long life.i am sad because the memory is 10mb.i like it very much.motorola l6

  • hello moto

I lost my l6i 2 years back. It was a great phone.

  • Chuck

Superb phone. In its day was the Toyota Corolla of phones. Great everyday phone. Unfotunately i lost mine. The ones made in India were a bit tacky in build quality. Still a feature packed phone of its time. Beyond reproach. Great battery life. Wish MOTO was back with sime great feature phones with 3G and memory and better camera.

  • Anonymous

I used this phone for many years until 2011 when I finally relented and bought a smartphone (Galaxy S II). One thing that annoyed me was the number keys were very close together and quite fiddly to press, usually I had to use my fingernails. Overall solid build and great battery life. The software was a bit buggy and occasionally crashed or messed up. The phone was still working when I got rid of it.

  • moto

this is a realy cell simple & long lasting
china mobile id beautiful but not relaibale
best talk time & slim good looking

  • nikki

AnonD-65217, 01 Aug 2012I have this. ANY 1 wanna buy it? hi yes ill buy please