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Motorola L6

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  • Chrissy

I am deciding between the L6 or SLVR L7. The L6 is free but only comes in black.....but I may get it just because it's cheap. Which phone seems better? I hear the L6 breaks a lot.

  • mons

To me, Motorola L6 is 10 times better. Not only for its Btooth and camera capability in comparison to Nokia 6030, but because L6 has much better build quality, bigger screen and better PC conectivity support than nokia 6030. Excellent phone for its price. The only (small) complaint is lack of MMC card slot. However, nokia 6030 has nothing of above mentioned.

  • crazy

Ive had my motorola l6 4 a few weeks & now its broken. it was a few lines in the screen. According 2 telstra it needs 2 be replaced. i think nits a waste of money...

  • shane

can i ask a Q? i have one of these fones and is wondering where i can get the drives for my computer so i can download stuff from my fone to the computer????

  • Chanaka

Im so dissapoint about my moble i bought on last week. the time i puchase that it was working. It was a gift that i want to give to my friend. After i give that it was not working. Its shame for me. Then i took that to the shop i bought they told me to change the battery. I changed still the same.
We can switch on the mobile. But after 5 minutes it get stuck. Is this the way of Motorolla, I dont reccaman this mobile.

  • Little miss

I have had my l6 for just over a year now,
It has been fine and then all of a sudden it started playing up, now i can only turn it on & off but none of the keypad buttons are working.
When i first brought my phone i had to get it replaced because i couldn't access the games.

  • 4rdgirl

I bought an L6 after the insurance company has sent me 4 bad phones. I don't mind it. Not my favorite but very user friendly for first time users. I have had phones for a while and it holds up nice to the abuse. I'm a horse trainer and our phones take plenty of abuse. I put a cover on to help protect the outer shell and I have no problems with this phone. Good phone easy to use, small memory but you get what you pay for!

  • cazza

Ive had my motorola l6 4 not very long and ive had no troubles wityh it. I really hate the memory seeing that it holds hardly nothin! I think its good 4 1st time phone buyers and people new 2 fones. all in all its a reasonally good

  • love

how do i reser my phone when i dont know the password.. help me..i also want to delte the ringtones of the phone and pictures..i dont know help..

  • dickson

please how do i install the hardware in my computer using the USD cable ? My computer seem to not to support the installation or something like that.
Please i need answers urgently via my email toll free on +234-803-364-1947

  • dickson

well i do like the phone somehow but the issue is that the screen is too small and the memory is very short not long enough like my sendo x ( my old phone ) and again my computer dosen't recognize it via bluetooth or sync or even through USD cable.

  • Lauren

Probably one of the worst purchases of my life. Phone shuts itself on and off whenever it feels necessary. Really a pain when in the middle of a phone call. Maybe I should stick to flip phones because I make tons of call unintentionally with this one and seem to unknowingly change settings on a regular basis with no idea of how to correct. Yes, keypad lock is there but I'm not one to remember.

  • Bluey

This phone is not worth buying the memory is two small big enough to hold three songs and the camera is just as bad. Also when you drop the phone it blacks out and takes a few minutes to switch on again.

  • bishop

Is good phone but the bateries is been charge too much , is easily run down
So please try to do some thing about it
thank you

  • xandra_kulit@yahoo.c

i will buy some motorola L6 becoz it is nice cute i like it becoz its have a cam

  • Syed Muntazir Ali

My Motorola L6 mobile phone is now dead. It is not going on. Which software I need to install on L6 & how I can install software on my mobile?

  • anonymous

Hi, if your L6 suddenly cannot play ur sound files, go to system, initial setup, master reset. It should be able to play again. but ur settings like wall paper will all be reseted to default. so u have to manually change back everything.
it happened to mine and I did that.

  • steven

Hi... this phone is good screen so small and how to install chinise and lik

  • help

hi how to i blacklist some prank caller

  • Anonymous

i bought the motarola l6 last year. it the best phone ive eva had. i anit had one problem with it!!!!!