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Motorola L6

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  • fery

hey guys!!! this phone is ok...great...but i thing is my problem... the mp3...?how many songs can store?

  • vmucc

very beatiful phone, well in the pocket, software easy. it is what you can have at that price. but i can't use other ringtones because the rt received via bluetooth cannot be used also if it is a mp3 little file. what am i making wrong?

  • Sakil

Thanks vss. I read in many sites that motoslvrs have screen3 feature. So i want to know about screen3. What about voice rec.& motomixer ? Can it run mp3 of 4-5 min. ? Thanks again.

  • VSS

go to settings , then ring styles,under the STyle there is sound detail , press right select and go to messages , press again change and choose the allert you want .Hope this helped you.VSS

  • Anonymous

Is this phone triband? Thanks!

  • yoorin

thats my problem too in changing the alert tones but after browsing my phone.. you have to go to settings then ring style choose the soft style or loud, then click any of the two depends which one you choose, when you choose it there's more info abt it including ring volume message etc.. in message click it and you can change the alert tones when you click the msg.

  • mini

people plz help me i am in a big delimea...
i cannot change the message alert tone of ma phone if u guys have a sol. plz post it to me.......
eagerly waiting for ur relpy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • vss

MP3 questions.YES you can set an mp3 for ringtone, but you need to buy bluetooth adaptor along with software to do this.I had to cut down the mp3 though , otherwise the only message you see is that the file is too large.So now I m using an mp3 piece that is 2585 kb and its duration two min and 45 secs.
normally this mp3 is more than 3 and half minutes.VSS

  • vss

To Sakil , total memory you can use is 11036 can store around 80 sms , in and out messages.Video recording is short .you can set it to mms video so its 6-10 seconds , but you can change it so maximum is 30 seconds , not more.sorry i didnt understand your question about screen3.vss

  • Sakil

Hi gays i want 2 buy motoL6. So i want 2 know some informations of L6. How much memory i can use(10mb or less than 10mb) ? How much sms can it load? What is the video & voice recording time of L6(unlimited or limited) ? What can i do with SCREEN3 ? Does it has motomixer ? Plz help . Thanks.

  • jake

i fink dis iz 1 of the best phones eva it has the lot camera vid record its slim & stylish & i fink its a great phone 4 a 1st phone o & in mi email address it doesent mean azz in motorola (moto) it means az in motorbike

  • Jeezreel

I got my phone, but 1 month after, in the morning i woke up & i press d menu button then it tuns off, wen i press the menu button. Den i try 3rd tyms, & it happens same. I dont know wat s the cause. Until i tried the 4th times d phone is not turning off, and d problem s the turn off key is not working. And if my phone s off, and I turn on, it will turn on.

Pls Help me..........What will I Do.

  • RoxyRomance

I have this phone i think its awesome! I hope it has MP3 player though :|
But when i play music from Sounds idk how to turn the volume down or up...can anyone help me?

  • Haisook

@ RAjiv,
Well, this is a basic set with Bluetooth. It's illogical to expect more than this. Anyone who bought this expecting more is just.. erm, dumb.. because he/she hadn't researched well about the phone before buying.
And NO, this is NOT an MP3 phone. The 10mb of memory are there to not store SONGS, but short mp3 tones.

  • RAjiv

MOTOROLA L6 is a disgusting set, like all motorola;s, hanging problem, no international warranty, too complicated software, Stay away from this one not a good set to buy.

  • geh

Love the phone, great features. If only I could get a signal!

  • Macho

yes this phone can store abt 90-100 messages.... playing mp3 on this phone is not a big job..just download any mp3 through chord or blutooth and go to sounds a song and press play !! thats it..

  • surprise

if anybody in india is planning to buy it, its better you postpon it as L6 with FM is on its way.

  • jen

hey guys! thinking about buying this phone... wen people say the "memory isnt that great".. how 'not great' is it? i like a phone to be abble to store at least 100 txt msgs. Is this phone capable of this?

  • Samie

Its a good value-for-money phone!!!
I want to know where will i get the phone tool software so that i can sync it with my PC!!!
Plz send me the link or the software if anyone has got it!!!