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Motorola MILESTONE 2

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  • madk

One of the greatest phone in earth

  • madk

Anonymous, 03 Apr 2012i love my milestone 2 but i dont know how to upgrade it to 2.3 p... morei went to mobile phone upgrading centre.....

  • madk

Moonhogg, 01 Apr 2012I'm searching for a new smartphone - most I've found have about ... morethis phone is realy super.but one thing its 2 year old device...
this really fast phone,battery is superb,sound qulity standard (not high) camera is better (picture zoom is brilliant) HD video is good. not like present phones.
true it has good memory .but its 6.17 gb...
but it has no HDMI port ,but this phone pinch zoom is very hard (coz it using Motorola interface)not a android interface .but its android phone.also it has great display .its second for samsung galaxy tab 10.1

i had this phone.everyone like this. but i need move from this .that was really sad. milestone2 is very intelligens phone ever....

  • rahul

where to get it/

  • Daniel

I wonder how the battery specifications came about - standby up to 400h (2G/3G) and 7:40 (2G)/4:50h(3G) talktime? My copy can't even do 24h of combined use (50% standby, 30% sms, 10% surfing, 10% games).

The RAZR MAXX has a standby time of up to 380h, and we know that's probably true.

Hope GSMA makes their best effort to provide accurate data on the site, despite the disclaimer. Otherwise it might be better to omit the potentially misleading data.

  • remzdog

I have the milestone 2 Its a very clever bit of kit when it comes to navagation and well thats all. Maybe not even that. I have had times where someone has been trying to call me and the touch screen locked up. I could not awnser it. It will lock up on average 3-4 times a day and the constant crashing and bugs ae getting worse. It doesnt do this anymore but it used to delete every text message it recieved before i could read it! Altogether it could be a great phone but its software I feel lets it down so much.

  • Anonymous

madk, 03 Mar 2012I Love my Milestone2. work great. i just upgrade it 2.3. it was ... morei love my milestone 2 but i dont know how to upgrade it to 2.3 please can anybody tell me how to upgrade to 2.3

  • Moonhogg

I'm searching for a new smartphone - most I've found have about 300 - 500mb onboard memory, so a few apps soon fill them up. Has this really got 8Gb that I can use for storing apps? Also, can it play flash videos (eg. the sort you find on news websites)?
Thanks in advance.

  • degu

madk, 02 Mar 2012There is Problem. I recorded Some Clip From my Milestone2. And i... moreThat's because it's the phones video format. Old Nokias also saved their stuff in that format.

  • madk

I Love my Milestone2. work great. i just upgrade it 2.3. it was awesom. landscaping effect like a i phone. and battery life also good. i love my milestone2

  • madk

There is Problem. I recorded Some Clip From my Milestone2. And i play it on my laptop. it showing FILE TYPE is 3Gp. What Gone On There?

  • AnonD-43750

One of the worst phones ever. I had to go to Motorola twice, so they can correct the double-tapping issue with the phisical keyboard. Bluetooth technology is not supported by same-brand Motorola Stereo Headset. It hangs 24x7. Camera is worst than the old Motorola V300 (do you remember that one?). Apps are NOT automatically ended once the screen times out.
I will never buy a Motorola phone again.

  • hirokakaoshi

the phone are great, but there's some bug like delay of bouncing type. but it can resolved with change the value of delay time.
I use it and i love it so responsive and solid :D

  • Anonymous

It is upgradeable to 2.3.5. Just download the Motorola update tool. The phone is very fast on gingerbread and the battery is pretty good. Motorola had problems with screens in the first Milestone phone, this is Milestone 2 and the screen works great. Would recommend it to anyone looking for a relatively cheap android 2.3 phone!

  • Ryan

I am having problems with the physical keyboard double pressing...i downloaded the Milestone 2 Debounce app from XDA and installed it but i need to know what values to use for it to work correctly... presently when i use the default values, some letters do no show up when i press the keyboard...i have to press 2 to 3 times for letters to show up...How come Motorola never fixed this keyboard issue??????

  • Ryan

albanian, 31 Jan 2012How to upgrade to Android 2.3?hey...i recently upgraded to 2.3.5 will get the link and post it for you..

  • Anonymous

Do not get this phone! There are far too many bugs with it and it seems to get worse with usage.Even though it has a one gig processor it is slower than phones with a smaller processor.The worse thing about it is that it is still running on 2.2 as motorola can't be bothered with android updates! Such a shame as it is well built and has a nice and easy to use physical keyboard and is let's down by its software.

  • albanian

How to upgrade to Android 2.3?

  • radhakrishnan

Before you buy this phone, have a look at­ooting/87515-my-droids-touch-screen-going-crazy.­html

Seems to be failure on touch response and service/replacement is a major problem with Motorola. I bought this phone from the US with Global warranty and Motorola India refused to service this product.

Finally, the phone is unusable.

  • Motorgnome

I love my Milestone 2! It works all the time every time, NEVER gives me a problem. I love the car dock, works briliiantly, navigation, music, charging all at once..Perfect. The desk top dock is also handy, turns the phone into an alarm clock & slide show+ weather station+ charging..The only thing I could complain about is battery life..The phone only just lasts the day for me, although I have now bought a bigger battery for it and that problem is fixed. Top Marks for this phone.