Motorola MILESTONE 2

Motorola MILESTONE 2

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  • Anonymous

jah, 01 Sep 2010No FM radio? Sad..which one is beter guys
flash player
come on this is 2010

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Sep 2010N9 killer :)n9 !
n9 against this monster is nothing
its just have camera

  • wzhtg

I like the design of this phone, think it looks much cooler then the original milestone. Keep it up motorola.

  • Park

Excellent move fromMotorola that brings joy and happiness to its fans.

It is the phone we have been waiting for long.

Thanks Motorola.

  • jah

No FM radio? Sad..

  • ank

has 512mb ram..plz +to specs..

  • Anonymous

N9 killer :)

  • Anonymous


  • Barcode

akash from nepal, 01 Sep 2010still adobe flash 10.1 not better in andriod already experiance ... moreYeah I agree with you. I have the N900 and the original Droid with Android 2.2 and 10.1 flash installed. The N900 is alot better at handling the flash and the experience all around is alot better.

  • Anonymous

Why does it have a TFT Capacitive Touchscreen and not an AMOLED Capacitive Touchscreen???

AARRGGGHHHH!!! I would definitely get it if it had an AMOLED I have to think about it... :/

  • akash from nepal

still adobe flash 10.1 not better in andriod already experiance in nexus one not good like nokia n900 so i go for meego lol!

  • Zub

Rami, 01 Sep 2010Why can't companies like motorola release a phone like this with... morewhy are people so obsessed with 8mp camera??? whats the point? there's no way you can tell the difference between 5mp and 8mp. plus i've seen 2mp cameras take better photos than some 12mp cameras! its not all just numbers, its how the camera works that counts!

  • Gainsbourg

Very nice device. I am the first! But no joking, I am honest. Being here all the time, this one will be on match again with the best. Wave, Galaxy S, and above all, BlackBerry Torch with hard querty. Nice straight design ;-)))

  • Anonymous

I agree. This should have had amoled at bare minimum. Then I would be sold for sure.

  • Sam

LOve ths phone moto plzzz launched it soon plzz...

  • Anonymous

awsome monster and realy unrivaled

  • jp

Radio, Radio..............? 8 megapixel camera ?

  • Sealblaighter

Awesome Motorola smart phone! Motorola is doing a great job. I hope I can post my comment. :)

  • Anonymous

droid 2 has it, hope this one has one too

  • Anonymous

best of best
android 2.2