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  • Anonymous
  • Lvp
  • 17 Sep 2021

Update, I'm the guy of the previous comment.
In case anyone wondered, I found why the SD card reader stopped working:

One of the connections soldering simply came off. I don't even know how or when. It can be fixed and it's quite easy but I don't have the tools to do so and doing it with a repair shop is expensive.

It's an okay phone if your SD card reader works though. Still, definitely not up to nowadays standards, mainly because of storage limitarions.

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    • lopez
    • Lqk
    • 07 Apr 2021

    Don't buy even if it's cheap.

    It has been reported, and it has happened to me, that the SD Card slot stops working.

    Now this may have a workaround since if you use ES File Explorer and you have Android 4.4 KitKat, OTG works for reading external devices. This does NOT work on Lollipop though.

    The problem comes that if you buy this phone from a carrier, it will have a locked bootloader, so if it has Lollipop installed you cannot downgrade. There is supposed to be a workaround but it's so risky it's not worth trying.

    So after Google Play services updates, you only have like 1 GB left for all your apps and data.

    If your SD Card slot stops working (which doesn't seem to be that uncommon), this phone pretty much becomes a brick since you can't do anything with such little storage.

    Go for something else.

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      • Danny
      • k7I
      • 22 Mar 2021

      the very simple solution to get this phone to work is to turn off discover and you want to when you go to settings you want to add yourself as a developer and it fixes everything.

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        • Anonymous
        • U@m
        • 15 Jan 2021

        Kasper1Snowy2, 16 Feb 2020Showed a video to a friend and it accentually got deleted. ... morewhen did you bought moto e?

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          • Kasper1Snowy2
          • QwE
          • 16 Feb 2020

          Showed a video to a friend and it accentually got deleted. Anyone know how to get it back? This phone is only kept for a few videos and that's it.

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            • Lineage OS
            • Cxp
            • 09 Feb 2020

            Flash new OS possible from Lineage OS web site , just did it update from 5.0 to 7.1.2 amazing :)

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              • Jack
              • StU
              • 02 Feb 2020

              Andy, 16 Jan 2020Hi all, I have a moto E first generation. Does anyone know ... moreYes, this is possible. Go to the XDA forums for this device and there are lots of different ROMs including multiple android 8 ones.

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                • Ankit soni9559206493
                • YQM
                • 22 Jan 2020

                Amazing, I play pubg mobile lite without any problem.

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                  • Andy
                  • Tks
                  • 16 Jan 2020

                  Hi all, I have a moto E first generation. Does anyone know if there is any way at all to upgrade the os to 6 or beyond? (It's currently stuck on 4.4.4). Many thanks

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                    • chandu
                    • U@C
                    • 19 May 2019

                    AnonD-728055, 03 Jan 2018My Moto e 1st gen is gone hard brick How can i mehow to remove touch & screen?

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                      • banana
                      • 3aw
                      • 19 Apr 2019

                      Its a good phone for simpletons, not much expected from the Moto e with just 1 gb of ram

                        Utkarsh, 06 Feb 2019Dude i tried pixel ROM and it was a nightmare, i can't even... moremeh......thats the smoothest oreo rom i tried on moto e perfect and no lags in any kind of animations

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                          • Utkarsh
                          • rKt
                          • 06 Feb 2019

                          TuckingFypo, 01 Sep 2018try the pixel experience rom based on android go oreo..Dude i tried pixel ROM and it was a nightmare, i can't even get past setup
                          Was earlier using 4.4.2

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                            • ivan
                            • Lv6
                            • 18 Jan 2019

                            unlock bootloader, install custom twrp recovery and then install nougat, using linage 14.1, visit lineage website :)

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                              • Anonymous
                              • 7tA
                              • 11 Oct 2018

                              How to upgrade my moto e

                                PT, 27 May 2018Not a bargain at any price. Powers off even when battery re... moretry the pixel experience rom based on android go oreo..

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                                  • PT
                                  • kax
                                  • 27 May 2018

                                  Not a bargain at any price. Powers off even when battery reads 40% [and if I try to take A PICTURE, even when battery is over 50%]. "Unfortunately", I always get the unfortunately whatever Google app I want at the time has stopped working. Goes into airplane mode for no apparent reason. I'm sure that my lack of tech savvy accounts for some of the problems. And that's exactly why I would discourage anyone looking for that first smartphone to avoid this contraption like the plague.

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                                    • Otto
                                    • 0PT
                                    • 26 Mar 2018

                                    When you update to Android 5.1 this device becomes a doorstop. The internal memory is too small and you are going to fill it with 3 apps.

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                                      • Frugal Matt
                                      • kV@
                                      • 24 Mar 2018

                                      This phone is amazing for the price $79.99. I have had zero problems with my phone in three years. I pay $10 a month for service. I love this phone.

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                                        • mike
                                        • K3e
                                        • 19 Jan 2018

                                        AnonD-727486, 31 Dec 2017Worst model ever!!Whenever after insertion of SD card,its s... moreso why you don't take the phone to the store if it has an issue !?
                                        now if you purchase the phone from somebody else then don't cry Is something that you should concern about it instead of posting crap regarding the device