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Motorola Moto E5

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  • Moose

Anonymous, 09 May 2021I have two Moto e5 phones and they work perfect. No problem... moreHow do we stop it from just shutting off when it wants? When phone call comes in the screen doesnt light up to see who is calling until they hang up, but not every call. Very frustrating. Only phone we have had like this. Our friend bought same phone 2 weeks after we did and is having same issues. What the heck is going on?

  • Anonymous

My motorola e5 screen broke. How do I get a new screen for replacement ?

  • mdbader

android auto works on it

  • Nate

My Moto E5 is running Android 8.1.0. Not quite as cool as Android 11 but it works for me :)

  • bazza

what a con when they aren't updating android 8 - cant down load android auto so complete waste of money. No more motorolas for me

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Sep 2020Worst phone I ever had. Be in the middle of something and i... moreI have two Moto e5 phones and they work perfect. No problems with mine as people are posting. Maybe those people need education in proper use of this cell phone.
Don Smith

  • Anonymous

it sucks to play games on this phone would really really really not recommend if its for gaming

  • Anonymous

Used to have this phone, would recommend it if you don't want to use it for gaming.

  • Nocturnal

Perpy, 21 Feb 2021Please help a friend my cousin just got this phone yestetda... moreIt's not unlocked then

  • Honey lee

If you're looking for a cheap phone, this is it but It kicks me out of apps I would not recommend this phone unless you're looking for a phone to work properly for a couple months other than that it's pretty crap

  • Perpy

Please help a friend my cousin just got this phone yestetday and it been writing enter sim network code we are really confused

My friend has this for model for ~1,5 year (retail eu). For a basic phone it‘s good enough. Zero problems. Display is even without scratch – he didn't buy tempered glass.
Phone had two years of security updates exactly as promised i.e. the last update was for May 2020.

  • Rogue57

VOW, 21 Nov 2020I've had this phone for a year. It works great but I ... moreHey siE,

I had the same problem. Try using a microSD card, and format it as internal storage... Your app memory issues will be over! Hope this helps. Stay safe and well!

  • VOW

I've had this phone for a year. It works great but I can load any new apps at all. There's not enough memory for it. It does run videos fine. The back camera takes good pics but the front one for selfies is terrible. Not enough mp's.

  • Chris

Smartwatches, 23 Oct 2020Anyone paired this with a smartwatch? My son wants a galax... morei have a garmin fenix 5 s and it works perfectly with this phone

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Nov 2019Waste of money. Spend the extra cash and buy Apple. This is crap.I should take advice from someone who labels a product as "crap" then won't post under his own name?

  • Boomer98

My E5 is somehow locked in Safe Mode. How do I reset it?

  • Anonymous

Had this phone for two years now and I wouldn't recommend it for gaming. Since I mainly use it for school, it works just fine. Though I'm going to switch to a new phone because the screen detached from its body. I highly take meticulous care with this phone, but over time the screen just deteriorates on its own.

  • Smartwatches

Anyone paired this with a smartwatch? My son wants a galaxy active, and I'm wondering if it will work well.

  • Ab

I have my phone network locked it is Moto e5 cruise . software channel cricket please I need the opening network code thanks